Spyware / Virus / Trojans

  Lady Lara 21:57 26 Sep 2004

I have unpartitioned the worst partioned drive I have ever seen, formatted the hard drive and reinstalled a friends Win XP. After connecting to net to install Spybot, Ad-Aware and Zone Alarm Firewall which I think are a must I have been plagued by tons of spyware / popups and over 15 viruses.

I am fed up now and am beginning to win the battle now all 'anti's' are installed. The spyware slowed system down so badly that a restart was needed each time.

In the end i downloaded Firewall, spybot and ad-aware to my usb stick on my pc then installed from that on friends PC. It seems to be working so far and each scan is now detecting less to sort out.

Lesson No 1:

Use a Firewall

Lesson 2:

AVG Free Edition does not work in Safe Mode or so it appears so I used Nortons System Works to start with

Lesson 3

Spybot and Ad-aware are essential



  kimjhon 22:17 26 Sep 2004

Right Lady Lara.

Install an updated copy of each from a backup -- before you go online.

And IE patches. (If you must use IE)

This may be a new one for you:

FREE trojan finder. The first I think.
click here

  kimjhon 22:19 26 Sep 2004

The first with free ref file updates, i meant.

  kimjhon 22:25 26 Sep 2004

Oh dear!

I meant.def file (definitions)

Also, i suppose, what really should be installed before going onlike is a firewall, Antivirus, and SpywareBlaster to inoculate against spyware.

  wolfie3000 04:19 27 Sep 2004

heres a little tip from me i found that the best anti virus is antivir version6 iv used four other anti virus programs in the past and this was the best

  SANTOS7 10:26 27 Sep 2004

The problem you have is most spyware progs let spyware on to your PC and then detect it when you scan and only then do you have the option to remove it, this prog click here actually stops it getting on your pc,"or most of it anyway" its a worthwhile edition in your battle to stop spy/mal ware.good luck

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