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  Tranestation 11:59 24 Dec 2007

A squared free has come up with a trace. Trace.Registry.Winkeeper. I am using XP with SP2. I have put it in quarantine, but am unsure of what to do next. Is there any other anti spyware that scans for traces as a-squared does as there seems to be some doubts with false positives, and how do I go about removing the trace. I have run Trend Micro but nothing seems to be amiss and S&D, Adaware etc do not find anything. Any help appreciated.

Regards Tranestation

  skidzy 12:02 24 Dec 2007

See what SAS says Superantispyware click here update and run in safemode.

  birdface 12:03 24 Dec 2007

Unless you have Winkeeper downloaded on your computer just delete it.Its Probably only a cookie.

  mfletch 12:04 24 Dec 2007

Hi, It sounds like a left over reg entry from WinKeeper,

Have you ever used WinKeeper?

WinKeeper - A collection of tools to fix, speed up, maintain and Protect your PC!


  skidzy 12:10 24 Dec 2007

Have you got Winkeeper installed ?

Just been looking around as this rings a bell,it was once listed as a rogue program...unsure if its delisted now though.

Just had a look and click here

if you have not installed this knowingly,it may have come bundled with another download.

  Tranestation 12:31 24 Dec 2007

Thanks all for your replies. I'm running Super Antispy now and then will try in safe mode. Never (knowingly)had WinKeeper installed and I will check the registry entry for the location and report back. Perhaps there is a clue there.

Thanks again for your help

Regards Trane

  Tranestation 12:48 24 Dec 2007

While Superantispyware scans, what are traces and why doesn't other anti spy products appear to scan for them or are the scanned in a different way.
Regards Trane

  skidzy 12:56 24 Dec 2007

Thing is, some miss those that others find,basically nothing is 100%.

Also you need to consider if you give something permission to install either knowingly or not,your protection may not pick this up as you have allowed this.

A lot of rogue programs out there are not picked up untill you run a security program with an updated definition database.

This is why we post regular updates to certain programs,as these can be forgotten very easily if your not on top of the computer.

  Tranestation 15:26 24 Dec 2007

Sorry if this may have been posted twice.

Ran SuperAntispy in safe mode and also ran A squared as well SAS picked up nothing and A squared is still picking up the trace.

the location is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Sevices\zlportio\Enum-->Count

there is another entry which is the same but ends \Enum-->NextInstance

The registry says type REG_DWORD and the value is 0x00000001(1) for both

Does this mean anything to anyone.
I check for updates daily for the progs I use....AVG (anti Virus) and AVG Anti RootKit and their Hijack Free / A squared / S&D / Ad-aware / Ultra WinCleaner / Windows Defender

I realise that some spyware will defeat any prog, but I need to know what to do now, rather than just put this on an ignore or white list.
Oddly enough, all seems to be running OK but I dont want to let this be and then find it replicates and the trouble is worse.

Many thanks again for your help

  mfletch 18:47 24 Dec 2007

Hi, zlportio may be a bad driver?

It may have left the ports open,

I think if you change 0x00000001(1)to 0x00000000

It may close the port,



  SB23 19:33 24 Dec 2007

Have you tried RogueRemover. The reason that I ask is that Winkeeper is one of the rogue programs that Rogueremover can help with.

Download from here, click here


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