Spyware Terminator login problem

  cowgirl66 07:52 12 Apr 2007

Thanks to some excellent advice from you users of pcadvisor out there, I've installed Spyware Terminator and am very pleased with it so far.

The only hassle I've found with it so far is that when I started up my computer this morning, a little window appeared on the desktop saying "Logging to Spyware Terminator failed." The icon in my taskbar has a red cross on it and realtime protection isn't protecting.

What have I done wrong now?

Regards cowgirl66

  cocteau48 08:05 12 Apr 2007

"What have I done wrong now?"
Do not know - but this happens with mine occassionally and I cannot trace why>
However the remedy is simple - uninstall and reinstall - only takes a couple of minutes

  cowgirl66 08:11 12 Apr 2007

thanks cocteau48 but this shouldn't happen really should it? I've heard such good reports of this software and none of them mentioned this would happen...

  cocteau48 08:30 12 Apr 2007

I think its a conflict issue with some other progs - especially other anti-spyware .
Last week I tried PrevX just to see if it threw up anything missed by my regular antispy progs. It did not but it had the exact effect on Spyware Terminator which you are describing. I removed the PrevX and uninstalled/reinstalled Terminator and everything is back to normal again.
These thing happen now and again but I still would not like to be without Terminator as my real time defence.

  cowgirl66 08:50 12 Apr 2007

The only other antispyware I have is AdAware (without AdWatch) and AVG Anti-Spyware which has lost its realtime protection due to expiry date.

Maybe it could be the firewall I have? Sunbelt Kerio Firewall? I have been thinking of trying out the Comodo firewall so maybe this would be the time to do so.

Whatever the issue may be, I hope Spyware Terminator can sort it out as like you, I wouldn't be without the protection it gives.

Regards cowgirl66

  cocteau48 09:30 12 Apr 2007

The only other thing may be: are you running the latest version? I has just been upgraded.
It should be
You can get it here:
click here
Just be aware that if you download the new 8MB version you will get their new Web Security Guard which acts a bit like Mcafees Site Advisor and adds a toolbar to IE.
If you do not want this added feature scan down the page to get the normal 2.95MB version.

  cowgirl66 13:22 12 Apr 2007

Hi cocteau48, I downloaded and installed the 2.95Mb version like you suggested so that must be the up-to-date one? It did ask me a few questions though when setting up (beginner user, advanced user etc.) so maybe I did something wrong there?

I will download afresh and reinstall it to see if it makes a difference. I will get back to you.

  cowgirl66 14:00 12 Apr 2007

Well I have reinstalled it from scratch and no go joe. I have no realtime protection as such without removing the icon in the system tray and opening Spyware Terminator from the Desktop whereby a healthy looking icon appears in the system tray.

But I'm getting really rather annoyed now. The whole purpose of these startup settings is to have it there ready the minute you log on. And it's simply not happening.

Does ANYBODY who uses Spyware Terminator (and I know there are plenty of you out there who do ;-) ) have experiences of this kind with ST and ideas as to what might be the cause of the problem?

Thanks, cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 17:09 12 Apr 2007


  cocteau48 22:11 12 Apr 2007

Sorry cowgirl66 - any time that I have had the red cross over the systemtray icon reinstalling has done the trick.
'Fraid I cannot help any more but this will bump you back up the thread list and I hope that someone else has a solution for you.

  cowgirl66 08:50 13 Apr 2007

Ok cocteau48 you've done your best.

So does anyone have any other suggestions for FREE antispyware with realtime protection other than Windows Defender - and now Spyware Terminator?

Regards cowgirl66

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