Spyware terminator

  hiwatt 16:09 29 Aug 2007

I received a notice from spyware terminator that I was running an out of date version(only updated this morning?)and advised me to update.When I updated the massive update it installed a whole new version( and it's added a toolbar to my homepage.It also for the first time ever(after scanning with spybot)found 3 critical items?Has this happend to anyone else?Is it ok?Thanks folks.

  rdave13 16:22 29 Aug 2007

Just updated to that version. Don't have the Crawler toolbar though.

  cocteau48 16:28 29 Aug 2007

You can opt out of the toolbar during the installation process.
Assuming you do not want the toolbar:

I think you are safe re-installing over the top of your current version but if you want to play safe un-install and re-install afresh.

Are you sure about the version no. (
So far as I am aware the latest version is ( - at least that is all it will auto update to within the prog itself.

  cocteau48 16:39 29 Aug 2007

It would appear (from the ST Forum) that those who were running the 1.9 version have been upgraded to but those of us who were on the 2.0 version can only get the upgrade at the moment.
Hopefully it will be resolved in the very near future.

  hiwatt 16:58 29 Aug 2007

I've removed the crawler toolbar via add/remove programs,this seems to have sorted it.Thanks.

  Belatucadrus 17:00 29 Aug 2007

Crawler toolbar is easy enough to remove, but I've found it quite useful as an alternative to McAfee SiteAdvisor.

  hiwatt 17:01 29 Aug 2007

What I have noticed since this upgrade is it seems to be slowing my computer down a bit?Also in task manager there is now 2 spyware terminator entries?One using 4500k of memoy and the other using 1624k of memory?Anyone know how to fix this please?

  rdave13 17:14 29 Aug 2007

One is the real time scanner and the other is the main program.

  sunny staines 17:16 29 Aug 2007

i moved the daily scan to 2am so it runs while i sleep and i have the result on screen in the morning.

check add/remove in control panel in case you have ST installed twice in error as a result of the upgrade.

  hiwatt 17:26 29 Aug 2007

I checked it's just installed the once.It really seems to be slowing my computer down though?

  sunny staines 17:28 29 Aug 2007

i would delete it and reinstall

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