spyware terminator 1.7

  sunny staines 20:14 12 Dec 2006

I was thinking of giviving this one a go. I already use A2, Ewido & SuperAntispy. Anyone running this programme can report back as to how it compares to my present three please. Always dubious of new programmes.

  gudgulf 21:03 12 Dec 2006

I'm currently trying it out myself.........first impressions are good.

For a free program it has automatic updates and real time protection along with a scheduled scan.More than you can say for the other three.....unless you pay for them.

I'm not sure it's detection rate is quite as good as the other three you mention...particularly SuperAntiSpyware which I think is extremely effective( I too have all three on my system)

Spyware Terminator also has a decent set of utilities.

By far the best feature is the extremely effective real time monitor which has HIPS as well.

I also find it does not impact on my systems performance ....unlike Windows Defender which could cause a noticeable delay in opening programs etc after my pc had been running for a day or so.

It does use a fair bit of RAM though...currently peaking at 53MB although that is whilst running a full in depth scan.

It certainly works well alongside my preferred firewall (Comodo) and current free AV (AntiVir Personal Classic).

Well worth trying in my view.

  Belatucadrus 01:07 13 Dec 2006

I've been using 1.5 for some months and like it a lot, now that 1.7 is out of Beta I'll upgrade.

  rawprawn 07:20 13 Dec 2006

I have been using it for about a week now and I am very impressed. So much so that I have uninstalled the AVG that gives you real time if you pay.I have checked Spyware Terminator using AVG, Windows Defender and Spybot, so far it is excellent.

  sunny staines 15:52 13 Dec 2006

thanks all that replied, i will give it a go, nice to get positive feedback.

  sunny staines 17:20 13 Dec 2006

just run a scan found a false positive in norton & some tracking cookies. otherwise ok. i have set settings to advanced user i presume that is the best settings.

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