Spyware problem...accesso etc

  tnelis 17:00 21 Jun 2005

Any ideas on how I can clean my pc of trojans and adverts? I keep getting a thing called accesso trying to log in my broadband dialup, also other things.

I have Add-aware, HijackThis, AVG, Microsoft Antispyware spywareblaster34...none seem to be doing the business....Thanks.

  VoG II 17:36 21 Jun 2005

Try a²click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:18 21 Jun 2005

.............also turn off your system restore, rescan, turn it back on and set a restore point. You could also clean out C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch. Delete all the files in prefetch.


  tnelis 15:12 22 Jun 2005

Thanks Vog and Gandolf...I have done all you say but I am still getting accesso finding its way into my broadband login....I can't get rid of it. Although the other adware stuff has gone.

  blowworm 15:49 22 Jun 2005

Hi just posted on another thread I got this this morning and think with the help on here i have got shot of it, but shouldnt temp fate by saying that!
I went into and deleted anything in the index.dat net files those that it wuoldnt let me delete i opened deleted all the data and saved the empty folders. deleted all net history and most things in favs which had a few porn sites which the hijack thing blessed me with!I ran clndisc, and spybot. Then disabled spybot in msconfig. Started in safe mode and ran adawre personal. now seems fine and about blank has not YET hijacked my homepage(aol was running ok anyway). Just hope all my programs work most that i have tested are ok


  blowworm 16:09 22 Jun 2005

Spoke too soon! Soon as I opened internet explorer the dam thing is back! LOL

What will be the likely course of events if I just leave it as I use IE rarely?



  tnelis 16:35 22 Jun 2005

Blowworm....I had this about:blank problem once ...I used highjackthis to fix it...stick highjackthis into google and follow instructions.

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