Spyware Opening IE

  JayDay 11:50 01 Jun 2007

I use Firefox but whenever I start it up I get a IE window open advertising some rubbish (different each time). Firefox opens as normal just get an IE window open as well.

It's obviously spyware but I've run adaware spy bot and spyware terminator and it's still there. I have also run coolwebsearch shredder and look2me destroyer with no success.

Nothing sus in the startup list.

Any other suggestions? How can I find what it is?

  Mac70 11:53 01 Jun 2007

What does the window say?

  JayDay 11:57 01 Jun 2007

It just shows a website advertising some product, could be anything.

  Mac70 12:01 01 Jun 2007

Heres a little canned.
[color=red][b]Do a virus scan[/b][/color] from [URL=click here]here[/URL].
Click on [color=red][b]Scan now it's free[/b][/color]
A new page will open. [b]Click Scan now it's free[/b] a second time
Place a check in the box [b]Yes, I accept the Terms of Use[/b]
Press [b]Launch House Call[/b]
Be patient, it's going to take a while. Let it clean all infection found.
If you get report of files that can’t be cleaned / deleted please write down the filenames and locations and post that in your reply.

  Mac70 12:02 01 Jun 2007

Sorry forgot to remove the colour codes.

  JayDay 12:07 01 Jun 2007

Thanks running it now

  JayDay 16:13 02 Jun 2007

This appears to be the beastie Win32:VBStat-C.

  Technotiger 16:17 02 Jun 2007

Try CCleaner ... click here run it in its opening default settings.

  p;3 16:21 02 Jun 2007

could also try

click here

click here

fully update and run on full deep scans::))

  JayDay 11:33 03 Jun 2007

ok solved it.

Ran Superantispyware then VundoFix and then combofix. That combination seems to have done the trick

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