Spyware, Kazaa and CPU & Memory Hijack

  born_to_knit 12:05 07 Mar 2003

Hello all,

I'm a user who has just updated from win98 to an XP system with 256mb DDRRAM. I rather stupidly downloaded the Kazaa filesharing programme about a week ago, not realising that it contained, as well as adware, some pretty invasive spyware stuff too.

Now when I boot up windows I have about 170mb of stuff running before I even start any programmes - I've identified much of it as safe, but a few svchost and other .exe files are running that I'm not sure about. Any idea if any of them are spyware, and identifiable in any way? In addition, I uninstalled the kazaa media desktop, but my firewall (ZONEALARM) keeps popping up with various programmes trying to access the internet, other than the usual ones.

I'm not bothered about internet downloads popping up the occasional advert, but with only 256mb to play with I don't want any spyware or other unsolicited rubbish eating up my memory or installing and running unsecure stuff. I have adaware, but it doesn't seem to resolve the memory problem. Is 170mb really a realistic amount for xp and a few other programmes running at startup (eg. explorer, vexira antivirus) to be running?

Pleae help!


  tran1 12:09 07 Mar 2003

Download and install spybot. It should find and allow to to remove kazaa related spyware/adware stuff which could be using up your memory. click here+

  born_to_knit 12:37 07 Mar 2003

Thanks for your help.

I have downloaded and run spybot quite recently; hopefully it should do the trick. I have heard horror stories of some kazaa spyware components imbedding themselves in parts of your registry that you can't remove without screwing up other features like internet explorer, so I hope I'm not forced to redo my whole hard drive!

Hopefully, the spybot software will help remove the stuff that's eating up my memory; if not, I'll backup my registry and try to remove the kazaa/bde files manually.

In summary, I advise people not to use kazaa even if they don't mind adware; it will murder your RAM! Get kazaa-lite or a similar spyware free p2p service which won't put lots of invasive rubbish on your machine.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:04 07 Mar 2003

People who use Kazaa to rob artists of their copyright complaining because it is robbing them of their memory....excuse me whilst I explode with laughter. :-)))))))


  graham 14:05 07 Mar 2003

I got rid of mine using 'run' 'cmd' but I can't remember how! It stays in the progam list though, just don't open it.

  hoverman 14:25 07 Mar 2003

I agree with GANDALF <|:-)> People who infringe copyright laws have no right at all to complain when things go wrong. Hard luck!!!!

  Octoz 14:34 07 Mar 2003

Once again the holier than thou brigade see a thread regarding file sharing and immediately jump on this forums equivalent of Hellfire and Brimstone.
I don't doubt that the majority of music that is downloaded is done so in contravention of the copyright laws but for christ sake give us a break.
I know that speeeding is illegal but still do it.
Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone, otherwise PUT A SOCK IN IT!

  SEASHANTY 14:39 07 Mar 2003

Kazaa installs the spyware "Cydoor" on your machine. Spybot will get rid of this for you but will inform you at the start that removal may
cause associated programs with this spyware will not work afterwards. After removal you will get a message from Kazaa telling you that you have removed an essential part of the program that Kazaa needs to work. Just leave it. Trying to remove Kazaa afterwards is quite tricky. The windows add/remove progs in XOP will not do so.
I had to get my utility Suite "ONTRACK" which is now owned by v-com.com to remove Kazaa and even afterwards I found that there were bits of it scattered around in "My Documents" and on the
Ontrack "Net Defence Firewall". No-one in their right mind should install this Kazaa programme.

  tulix 14:40 07 Mar 2003

well said i was going to put the same thing myself.people ask for help on this site and get slated by others is this an help forum or just someware to have-a-go at folk.

  worf 14:40 07 Mar 2003


If you are getting stratups that you don't think you are getting and you can identify the actual startup process have a look at the following link and scroll down then select the letter corresponding to the item(s) you require it will tell you what they are.

click here

  €dstow 14:50 07 Mar 2003

I'm not going to moralise other than to say that you seem to have learnt your lesson.

Can I suggest that the best thing you can do is to do a complete clean install of your operating system to ensure that any dregs and residues of Kazaa nasties are not there any more. Then, almost before you do anything else, install a good antivirus, a firewall and a good spyware zapper.

This will probably be quicker than sorting out this, that and the other from here, there and everywhere on your machine.


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