spyware help

  plonker220 20:44 07 Sep 2007

hi can any one tell me how many spyware programs you can have on computer thanks

  VoG II 20:46 07 Sep 2007

then these are sufficient for most people

Ad-aware click here
Spybot click here
Superantispyware click here
Spywareblaster click here
AVG Antispyware click here
Windows Defender click here

  Devil Fish 20:47 07 Sep 2007

i real time and after that as many as you like i currently run 3

ms defender
avg anti spy
spybot s&d

  plonker220 21:14 07 Sep 2007

hi vog i run panda spyware at the moment which other one do you recmond

  plonker220 21:16 07 Sep 2007

hi delfish do you have any problems with spybot because i did is avg anti spy good what do you mean real time thanks

  VoG II 21:17 07 Sep 2007

Any or all from the list that I provided. It is worth having more than one as each seems to miss things that the other spots. But no need to get paranoid about this...

  Clapton is God 21:18 07 Sep 2007

"i real time and after that as many as you like i currently run 3"

Not quite correct.

There's absolutely no need to limit yourself to just 1 real time program - but don't go overboard.

I use Defender + SpywareBlaster and also scan weekly with A2.

  plonker220 21:18 07 Sep 2007

thanks vog what do you recmond

  Devil Fish 21:25 07 Sep 2007

i have no problems with spybot

for real time it is monitoring incoming traffic to your system pretty much the same as your anti virus would do but they are looking for 2 different things i use defender for this purpose

  Clapton is God 21:27 07 Sep 2007

"thanks vog what do you recmond"

Er, he's already done that in his posts of 20:46 and 21:17

  plonker220 21:53 07 Sep 2007

vog i have down loaded spyware blaster where do i click on to scan my computer

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