Spyware blaster question

  Grambo 17:56 25 Apr 2003

I did a search here for spyware mainly because of all the pop ups etc. I found threads regarding spyware blaster updates. Can anyone explain what this download actually does, as it seems very popular with you guys

  Grambo 18:05 25 Apr 2003

This is scary. What prompted me to ask about spyware was an email from click here putting the frighteners on me by showing a messenger spam box. Not knowing them I deleted email and have sought advice here. But the messenger service box has just flashed up again. Whats going on??

  VoG™ 18:05 25 Apr 2003

In simple terms it updates (adds to) the list of known spyware that Spywareblaster protects against.

  VoG™ 18:08 25 Apr 2003

To turn off the Messenger "service" click here

  NICK ADSL UK 18:23 25 Apr 2003

hi grambo While you are at it you may as well download spywareguard this prevents spy ware from getting on to your computer [link here ]
click here

  Grambo 18:33 25 Apr 2003

Thanks for help guys. Ive disabled messenger service, but do I install BOTH spyware blaster and spyware guard

  VoG™ 18:35 25 Apr 2003

Yes, both of them. They both protect you but in different ways.

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