Spyware Blaster

  Ronyap 21:21 06 Jun 2006

Hi, does anyone here use Spywarebalster?

I have got a question for you then. When I update, it updates the list of Websites in the 'Internet Explorer protection' And 'Mozilla/Firefox Protection'.

But, when it is updated, the websites that have been updated are automatically Red, which means that Spywareblaster does not protect the websites that are Red. i have turned them black which means that Spywareblaster protects against them.

Have I done the right thing? Why doesnt Spyware Blaster protect against the updated websites automatically?


  VoG II 21:22 06 Jun 2006

You are doing the right thing. You have to 'Enable all protection' manually.

  Ronyap 21:24 06 Jun 2006

Also, does Spyware Blaster still Work in the background if I close it?

  VoG II 21:26 06 Jun 2006

Yes. It doesn't have to be running click here

  Ronyap 21:26 06 Jun 2006

No, I dont think you get what I mean. What i mean is when i go into the Internet Explorer Protection by pressing onto: '0 items have protection disabled...'

And then in the box at the bottom, Updates are red, and I have to select all and then press : 'Protect against checked Items'


  VoG II 21:29 06 Jun 2006

That is normal.

  Ronyap 21:30 06 Jun 2006

Ok, thanks for the great answer =). I am now satisfied. :D

  Simsy 02:32 07 Jun 2006

it doesn't have to be running in the background... but it still works.

I don't doubt it, and I use it, but I don't understand it!

Can anyone explain how it achieves whatever it does achieve?



  pac73 04:11 07 Jun 2006

Its a spyware protector if you like.Yes it does run in the background,protecting and monotoring your system.I use spywareguard and winpatrol along side it.

  Simsy 04:44 07 Jun 2006

no it doesn't run in the background...

This is a quote from the javacool site, as per the link from VoG™;


FAQ: Do I have to keep SpywareBlaster™ running for it to provide protection?

SpywareBlaster does not need to be running to provide protection.

After you enable protection for any/all items, you can exit the program and you will still be protected (SpywareBlaster does not need to be running in the background).

You do not have to start up SpywareBlaster each time you start your computer either - your protection remains in place until you disable it whether SpywareBlaster is running or not.


That's a cut and paste with no alteration from me. Note the bit in brackets!!

It's obviously clever... but how does it do it? What's the principle?



  pac73 04:49 07 Jun 2006

Sorry m8,i was under the impression that it run silently in the background.

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