leeknight67 20:02 28 Jun 2003

what is spyware and how do i get rid of it?

  wawadave 20:06 28 Jun 2003

its programs that are added to soft ware and web sights to gain info from your computer.
to get rid of it,d/l spybot search and destroy,update it,run it.

  leeknight67 20:16 28 Jun 2003

whats d/l

  wawadave 20:17 28 Jun 2003

d/l = down load

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:43 28 Jun 2003

spyware' is a paranoid name for small files that are deposited on your compouter. ALL they do is to monitor your internet meanderings ANONYMOUSLY, so that advertisers etc. can target thier campaigns. One way to look at it is that they help pay for the use of the internet as only a tiny amount of the money paid to ISPs goes towards the upkeep of the main backbone of the Net.

If you want to get rid then you can d/l 'Adaware' from click here. It is gratis, regularly updated and easy to use. You really do not need 3 or 4 spyware stoppers on your computer.


  A15 20:53 28 Jun 2003

I prefer Spywareblaster from click here I find it easy to use & as GANDALF <|:-)> says about Adaware it is regularly updated & is for free.

regular use of ad-aware and spybot s&d should keep you fairly clean, spyware can be a whole lot more than the innocent things that gandalf is talking about, everything you type could be recorded and sent anywhere for anyone to use. your credit card numbers your personal records everything. make sure that you have a good firewall that blocks outbound traffic.

  Qmar 22:26 28 Jun 2003

.. I'm not an expert on this , but just to comment..if u have the urge..there are keyloging blockers available for free , also..[ I dont use them. (stelazine is helping me ;)]

  jazzypop 22:30 28 Jun 2003

What is spyware? - click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:23 29 Jun 2003

horiz5 is not correct. Spyware cannot reveal your card details and even if it could there are much easier ways of getting card numbers (hint: look at the floor outside supermarkets and petrol stations), even if you are blagged then the card companies will sort you out double quick. Spyware CANNOT access your personalinformation....there are much easier ways ;-)))))).


gandalf you are living in la la land,click here for just one example of a spyware programme that is freely available and easy to instal in someones system, you are unlikely to pick something as powerful as this up whilst surfing the net but there are other ways for it to happen and there are much smaller programmes that can easily be hidden in various downloads.

yes most of the cookies that adaware and spybot detect are pretty innocous but to say i'm wrong about spyware is fantasy, i suggest you take off the rose coloured spectacles and take a long look at the real world.

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