Nero6 14:39 12 Feb 2008

Is there any difference between Uniblue Spy Eraser and PC Tools Spyware Doctor?

  Totally-braindead 14:42 12 Feb 2008

Different programs from different companies.

Or have I missed some point? Have you tried them both and they look exactly the same or something?

  Nero6 14:57 12 Feb 2008

Sorry to cause confusion, what I really mean is, do they both do the same job? as they both apparently come from Digital River

  mfletch 15:02 12 Feb 2008

Even if they both use the same scanning engine it all depends on the signatures that they use,

eg/ one may be updated more than the other with the latest spyware signatures,


  Belatucadrus 15:31 12 Feb 2008

Digital River, Inc., is an American e-commerce outsourcing company whose clientèle is largely software publishers; the company is the leading provider of software delivery over the internet. Its largest client is Symantec.
They're just distributing the software, they're not responsible for its creation or upkeep.
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