setanta23 22:59 16 Aug 2006

I have asked this question before I think and was assured that spyware etc was not as prevalent as i obviously thought.

I want to know if there is a piece of software out there which will tell me what movements there have been in and out of my computer.

I dont want to spy on anyone but at the moment my system tells me that I have sent 7,566,569 bytes - i have no idea how i can have sent so much information and want to know what it is and to whom it has been sent.

  johnnyrocker 23:17 16 Aug 2006

what firewall do you have?


  johnnyrocker 23:18 16 Aug 2006

and one could also ask about anti spyware and how often run/updated?


  setanta23 00:03 17 Aug 2006

I am running Zone Alarm Pro together with the usual xp firewall

I also run A Squared anti spyware and Ewido anti spy ware

for virsu checking I have NOD32

I update Zone Alarm automatically and the spyware ones have been updated on a weekly basis since i installed them

  RobCharles1981 00:05 17 Aug 2006

I wouldnt use XP firewall and Zone Alarm Pro together, disable XP Firewall and use Zone Alarm

  johnnyrocker 00:08 17 Aug 2006

"I am running Zone Alarm Pro together with the usual xp firewall"

not advised to run the two in tandem.
weekly update? i doubt this as most are almost daily.

sygate firewall will advise you of unusual traffic.


  DieSse 00:18 17 Aug 2006

*I have sent 7,566,569*

Over what period coupled with what amount of input?

Your system sends out data all the time - for at least the purposes of acknowledging each block sent into the system, confirming whether an error occurred in transmission, and asking for a new block or a resend of a block in error.

That's in addition to all the system requests for data such as domain name look-ups, checks for updates, etc, etc, which go on all the time you're on the net.

Currently, with just some average web use, my system has sent almost as many packets as it's received, which is what I would expect. The sent packets will be shorter on average than the received ones, I would also expect - so the byte count outgoing would be smaller than the incoming, even though the packet count is similar.

  setanta23 20:51 17 Aug 2006

Still not sure what going on but i bow to superior experience and knowledge

  dogbreath1 21:29 17 Aug 2006

A ZoneAlarm install automatically disables XP's firewall tmk. So I'm pretty sure that you're not running both in tandem.

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