pc49 16:53 23 May 2005

Hi I'm phil and I have problems with spyware. I have avg 7, and microsoft beta spyware. but when I do disc clean up, there are 1.136 Kb of Web Client/Publisher Temporary files that it asys are ok to delete, but they wont delete. I have tried doing a search through ptogram files for them and it doesn't bring them up so I can delete manually. Any ideas

  boot-it-out 17:06 23 May 2005

Try these FREE Anti Spyware programs :

Spyware Blaster : click here


Ad Aware :

click here

After downloading go back and check for / download the latest definitions / updates, run the programs and they should sort you out.


click here

  VoG II 17:36 23 May 2005

Try this click here

  pc49 18:03 23 May 2005

Hi bootitout and Vogtm
sorry, but the nuisance files are still there

  Buchan 35 19:35 23 May 2005

Have you got XP Home or Pro? If you have then go to Start>accessories.System Tools>Disc Cleanup and run it again.
Pay attention to the finish where you get the option of deleting all or not and click on `Yes`.
Alternatively go to Control Centre>Internet Options, Then Delete Cookies followed by Delete Files. You`ll do no harm to your PC. All the best

  pc49 22:29 23 May 2005

Hi Buchan 35

I tried all this before I posted the thread the disk clean up goes through the motions, telling what items it's deleting as it goes, and it goes through themotion of deleting the web publisher files, but when I run disk clean up straight away, to see if they are gone, NO such luck.
regards pc49

  VoG II 22:50 23 May 2005

What makes you think that this is spyware?

  The Belarussian Mafia 23:41 23 May 2005

By the way, if you use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer you won't get spyware.

  pc49 09:03 24 May 2005

Thanks to all who contributed ideas, I don't know that these files are spyware, but when disc clean up says ok to delete, and they wont go, what else can they be. I've got panicware pop up stopper, micro soft anti spyware, and AVG virus protection, but still get load of pop ups. There's no worry, they are just a nuisance

  961 09:28 24 May 2005

Try turning off system restore before deleting. If they are still there then perhaps they are system/programme files

You do not mention a firewall. If not install Zone Alarm or Sygate (Don't rely on xp firewall which only works on downloading)

If you are bothered by pop ups ensure IE6 set to block them and Microsoft Messenger disabled. If you still get them try disabling Java/Flash

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