spyvest scans.....

  herc182 22:00 05 Sep 2004

whatever spyvest finds, if i were to delete all files (no matter if they were found in the registry) would they affect normal operation of the computer? or would it only affect websites i visit? it recently threw up a fair bit from the registry and i am worried that if i delete them, it will bugger up my computer operation.


  bertiecharlie 23:06 05 Sep 2004


I am not sure Spyvest is a programme I would want to use as it's on this list click here

Having said that, it's not for me to tell you what programmes to run on your computer.

If you are only using the one programme and you delete everything it finds, you are asking for trouble. Anti-spyware programmes give false positives from time to time so you need to know what you are deleting.

Free Anti-Spyware.

Adaware click here
Spybot click here
SpywareBlaster click here
Bazooka click here
click here

click here for PestPatrol Research to help you identify any spyware you find and whether or not the processes, directories, and files associated with a particilar spyware are actually on your machine.

Also, it's a good idea to delete your cookies, (apart from any you specifically want to keep), before doing a scan.

(Spybot is currently showing DSO Exploit(5 items), and SearchForIt, (if SpywareBlaster is also on the machine), as false positives - it is still a very good programme, however).

  herc182 06:39 06 Sep 2004

ok thanks bertiecharlie. will install adaware and bazooka also.


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