Thomo1 13:29 17 Dec 2004

i have brought this product and think its fantastic. i have just finished re-installing windows onto my cousins cpu but want to know if i can install yhis product on 2 computers.

ive activated it and registered it onto my cpu am i breaking any laws in running it on another computer??

  ventanas 14:00 17 Dec 2004


  Kegger 17:44 17 Dec 2004

bell me and i will talk you threw what to do with your problem with XP Pro which you text me with last

  Thomo1 18:39 17 Dec 2004

kegger - i have solved it mate. it was not a corporate disk just a bog standard xp so i got a xp key. A lad i now stock takes at Evesham Technology so he got me a key.

Reply - "yes".

Is that a yes i will be breaking the law or yes i can install and run it on another cpu as well as my own???

  VCR97 18:49 17 Dec 2004

The licence conditions will tell you what you can/cannot do. You will probably find them under Help. From what I remember the licence is for one computer.

  Kegger 18:50 17 Dec 2004

YES it would be illegal to use a standard key if you are not the owner of key, wish i had friends at Evesham who could give out key strings. glad it has been solved, any other problems i am normally here daily between 5-7pm just helping out or you have my mobile if it is urgent
have a good Xmas and New year

  Thomo1 18:56 17 Dec 2004

cheers guys.

Kegger, yeh he does come in handy but i dont like to bother him only in emergencies cuz his jobs worth more than my cousins computer!!!!!
He gave me the XP disk and a key tho so im good at the minute. Just trying to download all of the virus updates, spyware progs etc etc which is taking an eternity!!!!!

Still keeps me away from the boozer. For another 30mins anyhow!!!!!

Same to you also kegs, have a good xmas, i promise not tho bother u again until the new year at least!!!! hehehehe. Seriously thanks for all your help.


  Kegger 18:59 17 Dec 2004

and YES it would be illegal to use spysweeper on more than one PC however there is a free version out there (i think it is try & Buy 30 day version now) but early adopters had it free might be some links around. there are also some very good free softwares which are much the same and in some users feedback better, ad-aware and such like read a few threads and you will see what other's are saying is good! hope everything works out, let me know if you go into networking have much better input there.
all the best Kegger

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