spybot upgrade failure

  p;3 21:27 08 Feb 2008

working on a Win 98SE computer; had spybot version 1.4 installed; checking for updates today included one for a new engine to version 1.5.2

took all appropriate updates including this apparent upgrade; installation has not gone as expected and resulted in my ultimately uninstalling spybot by my Control panel ---twice--- due to contant installation problems

I have attempted to reinstall via the link on the spybot download page click here

but all attempts send me back to receiving an installation failure message

I have even tried using the EXE I have saved for a previous version of the program;I can install IT but it then wants the update to the new program ; also when running the old program I gat a message telling me of an installation failure

One wonders if spybot is no longer a 'reliable' program?

apart from abandoning the program, which is a viable option can anyone suggest anything else for me to try as I am running out of ideas TO try

  alB 22:02 08 Feb 2008

This bit of info from the Spybot forum may help click here ...alB

  p;3 22:47 08 Feb 2008

thought I had cracked it, having managed to run the new version; but had screen freezes and pages refusing to load , then a few BSODS then a black screen; on reboot the inbuilt system restore seems to have reverted back to a NON spybot time

these problems are really not surprising to me as, from what I can understand ,spybot's reputation of being a reliable program may be diminishing

  Sea Urchin 23:02 08 Feb 2008

This PC is also running Win98SE and I downloaded this version a couple of days ago - but from here click here and not from within the program. Absolutely no problem and running smoothly.

  Grey Goo 23:19 08 Feb 2008

Version or 17beta may suit you better.
click here

  p;3 23:26 08 Feb 2008

thank you ; I have saved the links in a separate folder to try on a fresh day

  hiwatt 11:01 09 Feb 2008

The same thing happened while trying to install it on my girlfriends computer.Part of the updates from 1.4 was to install 1.5.2 which I did but it wouldn't install.Then after running spybot I got an error message from windows and the computer crashed.I had to switch off from the tower.I just reverted back to 1.4 for the time being.

  p;3 11:13 09 Feb 2008

At present I cannot install anything of spybot on this computer

as the only available link for the spybot exe is now to the latest version ,if you have a link FOR the 1.4 spybot I would be grateful to try it

see urchins link only gives me updates for the program that is impossible to run and Gree Goo's link goes again to spybot 1.5 etc which will still not install; I did get the new version on here and updated and run, only to have it stop me viewing web pages and ultimately crashing the computer to BSODS and a plain black screan

  p;3 12:02 09 Feb 2008

to update this a bit; google found me
click here
which leads at the appropriate point to
click here

and gives one the spybot exe for the 1.4 version ; so far I have now installed that version and NOT fully updated it; I am at present able to surf to pages previously completley blocked; will be interesting to see what comments the spybot team have to say about this apparent incompatibility issue with the new version and I am being extrremly careful to view the apparent updates

I hope this problems thread may help another member with similar issues ; I find it somewhat disconcerting when an update to a normally useable program then blocks access to normally openable web sites

  hiwatt 12:12 09 Feb 2008

You can get previous versions of spybot here click here

  sunny staines 13:05 09 Feb 2008

what other security do yo have something may be blocking it.
you can eliminate
spyware terminator
AVG rootkit
ms defender
i have these on various xp computers with latest spybot all ok.

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