Spybot update query

  VCR97 19:49 22 Aug 2004

I have 1.3 on an XP system and on a Win98 system. Both were updated on 11 August but I spotted that the XP system shows 1944 blocked objects on the Immunise panel whereas the W98 system has only 1632 blocked objects. Why the discrepancy? Immunising made no difference. I updated both today but these figures haven't changed. I don't understand the relationship between blocked objects and detection signatures so I'm not sure if the figures should have changed. Whilst I was nosing around I found several .zip folders in the Downloads folder. I wasn't aware that Spybot was sending zip downloads; it isn't mentioned in Help and they don't seem to be self-extracting. I've simply been downloading and immunising. Should I have been unzipping these folders? I'll be grateful if anyone can clear-up these points.

  VCR97 19:27 25 Aug 2004

Can't anyone help?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:37 25 Aug 2004

Agreed 1944 blocked on XP mine says further 78 please immunize.

How are you immunizing? clicking on left side panel immunize icon under recovery icon?

Click on green cross then check again?

Some objects cannotbe accessd by win 98 therefore discrepency in numbers?

Check in settings - ignore products - all products do you have boxes ticked that spybot is ignoring?

  VCR97 20:24 25 Aug 2004

Hello Fruit Bat

Mine (XP) says 1944 but no request to immunise for any more. Just checked for update but it says that there is no new update available.

Yes. I immunise as you say.

Ok on some not being accessed by W98. That probably does account for the difference.

I have just checked ignored products. I haven't ticked any but I found LSP.new.net (category LSP) and mysearch (category spybots) and new net (category spybots) and sidestep (category revision) have been ticked. By Spybot? I've no idea what that is about. Should they be ticked? Does "spybots" mean that it's something to do with the program?

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