Spybot and SP2

  tony-guitar 12:06 18 Oct 2004

I've upgraded spybot to v1.3.1 but after a successful scan it won't 'fix' the problems. Does this just need an sp2 tweak? System: 2yr old Mesh 2100, no probs with Norton AV/Nero/Outlook/and ageing HP710 printer or Boot-up.Any ideas please

  JonnyTub 12:16 18 Oct 2004

are you refering to the dso exploits?

  JIM 12:20 18 Oct 2004

what are the items or problems that a spybot v1.3.1 scan won't 'fix'?

What is it saying.


  tony-guitar 22:26 18 Oct 2004

Hi Jim, Its basically things like 'Hitbox','Mediaplex',DoubleClick','Adviva' etc.I ran spybot again this evening-same thing,then 'prog not responding' although in the end it 'fixed'all 18 'problems'

  Roadgiant 22:55 18 Oct 2004

I had exactly the same thing with spybot v1.3.1 as you mention it appears that the programme has stuck. Found out that if you leave it running it evenytually clears and fixes all found problems.

  tony-guitar 23:44 18 Oct 2004

Hi JonnyTub, As i understand it, dso exploits were a problem with the old version of spybot which this new version is supposed to have cured. But who knows...

  tony-guitar 00:26 19 Oct 2004

Hi RoadGiant, I'm not the only one having probs with the new spybot then? It just seems to take ages to do anything. Must be progress!

  JIM 09:18 19 Oct 2004

Iam wondering if when you say you upgraded to v1.3.1 thats what you did.Updated your original version.

There was a little problem way back in April/May with some systems which required a small file due to a program hanging.May be worth trying to uninstall and download the full version of 1.3.

Sorry if wrong but nothing lost as they say. Jim.

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the reason for this hang is a corrupted file, located either in the Temp or in the Application Data folder. There is an update available that can deal with this problem; if you check for updates, be sure to download the one named File check library. Or download the manual updater if you don't want to use the update function.

  wotbus@ 10:19 19 Oct 2004

It may be some personal settings and/or conflict with another "anti" program as I am running XP SP2 and Spybot successfully! [Mesh also ;-)]

  tony-guitar 10:23 19 Oct 2004

Hi Jim, v1.1 was always run in 'easy mode' as otherwise i don't know wot i'm doing. If i remember right, i downloaded from a link supplied by one of our respected forum boyz, "VoG".I didn't uninstall v1.1 first. I'll have a quick look at your suggestion but don't wanna get too involved before work (ie try later)

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