Spybot S&D warning

  exdragon 10:49 14 Sep 2007

Hi, this has just appeared while I'm installing Nikon's ViewNX browser - I've never seen a Spybot message before - do I panic, allow or deny, please? There's no info available and I haven't a clue what it means:

Category: System Startup global entry
Change: Value added
Entry: WinSidebySideSetupCLeanup 9678873
New data: rundll32 sxs dll,SxspRunDllDDeleteDirectory

The words 'Delete Directory I' don't inspire me with confidence, as I is my equivalent of the C Directory

  Seth Haniel 11:01 14 Sep 2007

I think 'Temp' being the operative directory it is refering to.
When you install something it creates a temporary folder to store files in while they extract etc and then as a clean up removes said folders afterwards

a lot of these are created to clean-up on he reboot so they make a startup (runonce)to delete said files

  exdragon 11:05 14 Sep 2007

Seems a bit odd - I've never had this appear before when I've installed things.

Still, I use GoBack, so presumably I can use that if things go pear shaped?

  exdragon 11:11 14 Sep 2007

I've just had a look in the folder and it's totally empty already (I haven't selected yes or no yet). Does this change mean that the temp folder will be automatically emptied whenever anything goes in there after an install?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:28 14 Sep 2007

InstallTemp folder will be deleted if ou answer yes.

This is OK as InstallTemp folder is created during install of ViewNX.

  exdragon 12:08 14 Sep 2007

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\

Are you using ViewNX?

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