SpyBot S&D and FireFox Browser

  JayDay 11:50 17 Aug 2004

The latest Beta Relaese of SpyBot (1.3.1) now finds tracking cookies in FireFox.

To get this beta version open Spybot in the Advanced mode. Open the Settings section then click "settings". Scroll down to "Web Update" then check "Display available beta versions" Then search for updates. It will appear as an update.

  iambeavis 12:41 17 Aug 2004

thanks for that tip.

  Mat2 14:38 17 Aug 2004

Hi JayDay,

Thanks for the info.


  mbp 15:10 17 Aug 2004

Certainly you will find all sorts of tracking cookies in Mozilla programs either using Spybot S&D or Adaware. Tracking Cookies? Harmless? Dump the lot?

I did with Mozilla, deleted the lot. What it did after that, I cannot explain! Nothing ran properly in Mozilla after that. It was a mess! I tried to manually correct the defects but got into bigger messes. Eventually, I had to uninstall the program. I am now using Firefox with Thunderbird. Both running nicely. Maybe I was just innocent of which tracking cookies to remove or not to remove as I thought tracking cookies just track your usage and could be easily and safely removed. now I will leave anything with a Mozilla identification well alone. Maybe I am the only person on the internet that has made this mess. My lesson is: in this particular topic, mozilla, it is best that I left things alone if I want to enjoy the facilities. It gets messed up quite easily. The tracking cookies are not doing me any real harm and does not take that much space on my computer, so I leave it. I stand to be corrected!

  zootmo 15:48 17 Aug 2004

Just for info, Spywareblaster will also "immunise"your browser (whichever) flavour it is against potential dodgy sites dropping cookies on to your machine. It works fine in conjunction with Spybot S&D and Adaware on this machine.

What browser you use is entirely your affair of course, but in the defence of the Mozilla browser I must say that that it is highly configureable in its managment of cookie handling, it is left up to the user to set cookie permissions,and if it is set correctly can be made to block and allow sites, at will.

  VoG II 15:49 17 Aug 2004

Thanks for that. Have just done, scanned and deleted all tracking cookies. Firefox still works.

  JayDay 19:44 17 Aug 2004

As far as I'm aware ad-aware doesn't scan for tracking cookies in Firefox.

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