Spybot S&D

  Border View 23:39 09 Feb 2008

Just thought I would mention that when I checked for updates tonight Spybot S&D gave me the opportunity to download latest version 1.5

Updated without problem. Although I now have an icon in my tray which I didnt have before.

Dont know if its my imagination but web pages appear to be loading an awful lot quicker than before update.

Wondered if anyone else noticed a speed up.

  rdave13 23:56 09 Feb 2008

You are now using the 'Resident Tea Timer'. This will monitor all registry changes and will produce a pop-up when changes are due and will ask for permission.

  tony-guitar 11:50 10 Feb 2008

Not sure about Barmoors' question, but rdave13's answer is interesting. The pop-up regarding register changes has recently started occurring on my pc, always to do with DefaultUserName. It can be from/to any of us. I always deny the change. Is this correct? Its an extremely irritating pop-up!

  Border View 18:59 10 Feb 2008

I just got the pop up and I denied changed

Whats this all about. Am ready to uninstall Spybot S&D.

  Border View 19:03 10 Feb 2008

Is this new version too complicated? I just want simplicity.

  Border View 19:06 10 Feb 2008

The entry I denied wa something to do with flashplayer.

  wee eddie 19:07 10 Feb 2008

That's TeaTimer for you.

If you have just made an alteration to a piece of Software that you wish to keep up to date ~ Then accept the alteration.

If the alteration refers to an unknown piece of Software. Don't allow it and investigate the Software

  rdave13 19:24 10 Feb 2008

To disable Tea Timer, open Spybot and click on mode to show Advanced mode unless already ticked. Bottom left click on tools-- resident icon--and untick the Tea Timer box.Click on mode again and select default mode.

  fullyfitted 20:23 10 Feb 2008


  Border View 21:06 10 Feb 2008

Will Look at entries in the morning. Many thanks.

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