spybot problem, can anyone help please

  anniecat 09:40 13 May 2004

The ne version 1.3 found a couple of nasties relating to a programme I thought I had uninstalled way back and it still won't fix after restart. I've had a devil of a job getting on here, keeps telling me "spybot blocked download of double click". Then it's miss more than hitat displaying the web page. Haven't a clue how to sort it. I have 98se so don't have the option to restore system. Was going to uninstall but am unsure if I do all the stuff it's immunised against plus all the stuff it has in back up and restore file may contain something I need.. HELP!!!
Hope I can get back to see your responses.!!

  Terry Brown 09:48 13 May 2004

If you know your way around the registry, try this.
from RUN 'regedit'. Backup Registry before making any changes. Look for Software (near top of registry list)click '+' to expand and see if you unwanted files are still listed, If so delete the unwanted enteries, then do a search for any other entries of that name.Close Registry and re-start your system.

  Stuartli 10:09 13 May 2004

There are restore points in Windows98SE similar to XP, normally five in all as outlined above, reached by initially going to the Safe Mode etc selection page on bootup..

However you can increase this figure to whatever you wish by editing MaxBackupCopies in Scanreg.inf. If I remember rightly you also have to save your new selection.

I have outlined this method several times in the last couple of years, but the threads seem to have gone missing, no doubt due to the purge...:-)

However, it's all outlined in full in this link:

click here

XP attempts to make the whole process just that little bit more simple.

  Stuartli 10:13 13 May 2004

The Windows98SE restore points I mention above saved my bacon on two or three occasions in the past - it's just strange that you tend to forget just how to do it some six months after switching to XP Pro.

Must be old age - I'm the subject of a well known Beatles song about Will you still love me...? early next month...:-)

  Wes Tam ;-) 10:29 13 May 2004

Have you looked to see if you've got a block on the 'doubleclick' cookie?

CookieWall will allow cookies, but will then delete unwanted ones after you've visited sites.

  Wes Tam ;-) 10:44 13 May 2004

ps 'doubleclick' is a spyware cookie from this, and other, sites.

  anniecat 15:55 13 May 2004

thanx ever so much folks, I have just had a quick look at your responses and have to pop out now for a couple of hours but will scrutinise them when I get back... no doubt I'll need more help deciphering the jargon.

Back soon

  cdb 17:51 13 May 2004

I'm having a similar - won't fix after restart porblem with it and just hangs at will. To be honest if that's the final version of 1.3 it's appalling.

  canard 20:39 13 May 2004

Did you use the Spybot uninstaller or add remove programmes before installing 1.3? If the latter try reinstalling the earlier Spybot and then uninstalling it with its own uninstaller. It works OK 4 me but takes an awful lot longer. Perhaps this is because the sin list has grown so much.

  anniecat 20:50 13 May 2004

have just managed to get back on here... No I didn't uninstall I just downloaded over the top of the original, I've just opened the advanced bit and am looking for anything that relates to the problems/messages I'm getting.

Would it do any harm to my pc regarding all the stuff it has already dealt with, in case there's anything in there that shouldn't be.. I wouldn't know, I'm just trusting it to do it's job without any manual interference from me.

  canard 20:53 13 May 2004

Try uninstalling with SB's own uninstaller and then reinstall new version. As your PC is not missing the stuff that was quarantined it looks OK to go ahead.

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