spybot - I'm new to

  pookie 15:47 11 Feb 2004


i downloaded ad aware on my home pc and detected 5 nasties - as i'm the so called IT expert at work I downloaded spybot and ran it on 2 work pcs. the first found approx 20 nasties the second found 41 nasties. some are cookies some are reg items.

is it safe just to click the 'fix' button? at home with ad aware i did this with no problems. but at work it's abit different if things go wrong!! all pcs are connected via network.

also, as far as i'm aware, as a free download then i don't need a license if I was to install it on approx 25 pcs - does this seem ok?

many thanks as always


  splork 15:52 11 Feb 2004

well check if the alerts refer to cookies or registry entries - there are only a couple of ads/bugs/spys/whatever that affect significant settings within windows...anyway, doesnt spybot include a restore function?

  Proxy Worm 15:52 11 Feb 2004

You can press fi to all of them, but depends what they are as some spyware comes wqirth programmes that you download and if you remove the spyare the programme dont work either, but as your a company i dont think you download stuff like games of the internet, so i would say its safe to delete them.

  ventanas 15:53 11 Feb 2004

As I understand it Spybot is free. Adaware is free for personal use only.

I usually review what gets found, but it's very rare that there is anything new. Of course with the first scan after installing there may be quite a lot.

If it's any help I just zapped the lot at work. Not my machines.

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