spybot that didn't know on vista

  jade25 19:54 15 Jul 2007

just downloaded zone security suite on a trial and found when doing the settings that spybot and norton is on pc,l deleted norton when l first used this pc but never knew anything about spybot and never used it but microsoft say l am using multble anti-virus, only zone security suite that l have just got l thought, tried to get spybot on add and remove on vista but its not there, yet l am told its running, theres no icon in tray and when l first got the pc l downloaed zone free then was told the one l had was not good with vista so read all mail on here and decided to try zone security suite and if its ok will buy it. Couldn't find price anywere so may get a surprise. Main thing is how do l get spybot of machine, also today downloaded ccleaner as used it before on xp is it ok with vita

  Probabilitydrive 20:07 15 Jul 2007

Jade, Vista informs you that you have multiple anti-virus application running. I assume this being Norton and zone security.

First thing to do is to go to Control panel>uninstall programmes and look if Norton is there. While you are there look whether spybot search and destroy is there as well.

If that is the case try to uninstall these programmes from there.

If you cant get rid of Norton (which is likely) go to
click here and follow the instructions to the letter!!

Post back your findings .

  jade25 13:04 16 Jul 2007

Norton or spybot is not in controle panel as was going to uninstall them as did norton at first getting the pc, when l first set pc up norton was with microsoft vista and l then did uninstall it the correct way as years ago had used norton and ended up with it saying l was ok then found 124 viruses on my pc and it was useless so l got rid of norton as quick as l could but spybot came up out of know were.
Just going to have a look at link

  Probabilitydrive 13:30 16 Jul 2007

jade25, Please click > Control Panel > scroll down to 'Programs' and chose 'Uninstall a program'.

Look for entries: Spybot Search&Destroy and uninstall the program.

Look also for 'Norton/Symantec program' and use above link to download and apply Nortons removal tool.

Do not run zone security suite whilst having Norton on your system.
Having 2 anti-virus programs running will cause serious system stability problems.

Only after you have removed Norton completely can you run zone security suite.

One more thing-remembering my experience with NIS 2006 correctly; it has compatibility issues with Spybot Serch&destroy. It insisted on removing this program before allowing you to continue installing NIS 2006.

  jade25 13:50 16 Jul 2007

Have been to controle panel and there is no norton or spymantic or spybot, have been looking a lot and have just looked again. You know when you get a new pc you have icons of diferent things all over well that was the first l saw of norton so went up to controle panel then and it wasn't there also have done a search and nothing comes up.
Since l downloaded zone yesterday l have seen no more about norton and spybot and have looked everywere including microsoft security,
by the way do you know of a compatable printer/scanner as my lexmark will not work with vista and have tried two different drivers and the last one lexmark told me would work but it came up as a error and plugs have been out and everything and as l teach online l need one to work, mine is the X1180

  Probabilitydrive 14:25 16 Jul 2007

jade25, Just to make sure you do NOT run 2 anti-virus products double check it by following my above instructions again.

You wont find anything to do with Norton/Spybot in the 'control panel' you WILL find them (if on your system) in the 'uninstall program' tab.

Regarding your lexmark printer/scanner. Your previous thread have contains good advice. To recap:

Go to the lexmark website.
look for VISTA drivers for your printer/scanner model
Follow the uninstal/reinstall instructions to the letter.

  Probabilitydrive 14:28 16 Jul 2007

An afterthought: When you are in the 'control panel' chose (on the left side) the 'Control Panel home' view. then try out the above.

  jade25 14:44 16 Jul 2007

Thanks for all the good advice, will try it all.
Have done the driver thing with printer but still not working and it bugs me to buy another when this one is the best l have had,

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