Spybot backups problem

  micklemouse 08:34 15 May 2006

I have just reinstalled Spybot S&D for the third time in a year, hoping to see that the nasties I remove after a scan are saved in the Backup should I have made a misjudgement.

Unfortunately the files I removed were not backed up this time either and I dont' have a clue as to why.

And what is a bad checksum update? I had a load of those when I updated it yesterday. Now this morning when I run the updates, I chose what update I wanted and a black window appeared with white font, Spybot disappeared, then started up again!

Has Spybot gone bonkers on me too, or what?

  howard63 08:45 15 May 2006

a bad checksum with spybot is normally the message that comes up when the server is overloaded. Try downloading again at a different time.

  micklemouse 08:57 15 May 2006

but I still dont' know why there are no backups or why the alarming window appearing when updating.

To be honest, I'm afraid to fix any more problems with Sypbot if there is no backup.

  Eric half-a-bee 09:55 15 May 2006

To solve/work round this select a different server. Between "Search for Updates" and "Download Updates" you have the option about half a dozen different sources, if get the bad checksum jjust select a dfferent one.

  micklemouse 10:04 15 May 2006

so I guess no-one knows why there are no backups? Or why the horrible black window when downloading updates instead of those pretty green ticks to tell me updates have downloaded successfully?

  remind 10:15 15 May 2006

update checksum problems are common and nothing to worry about. the black DOS window appears while spybot updates elements of the program itself, not just spyware definitions, it should do exactly what you described, just once.`backup` is covered by clicking the `recovery` icon. if you removed and re-installed its not impossible that the backed up files from previous scans were deleted.

  micklemouse 10:30 15 May 2006

I know the recovery icon and what it's used for. That is where I'm checking for deleted items. I have run a scan since the last "Fix selected.." etc. and the spyware I deleted has been removed from the comptuer.

  beynac 10:42 15 May 2006

Are you using Spybot in Advanced Mode? If not, switch to it (Mode/Advance mode) and then select the Settings tab. Click on Settings and make sure that the backup options, under Main Settings, are all ticked.

  micklemouse 10:52 15 May 2006

Yes I have been into Advanced mode and checked the settings in there. All of the backup settings under Main Settings are ticked/checked for backup. In fact I haven't altered any of the settings since installation since backup should be the default setting.

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