Spybot & Adaware etc

  Andsome 09:43 10 Mar 2003

There have been so many threads on this site recommending Spybot, that I have finally succumbed and downloaded it. I could not believe the numberof problems that it found and deleted for me. However a good many of the postings suggest also downloading Adaware and other programs. Why should I download more? Do they all do the same thing, but perhaps finding different problem sites, or do they do different things? With more than one of these programs can conflicts occur? I also run Norton System Workd and Personal Firewall. Any comments will be gratefully recieved.

  MAJ 09:49 10 Mar 2003

I use both Spybot and Adaware on XP Pro, Andsome, never had any conflicts between the two. Sometimes one will pick up something the other misses. I also run Spywareblaster, again, no conflicts.

  Wes Tam ;-) 09:55 10 Mar 2003

Andsome I have both Spybot and Ad-aware. I always run Ad-aware first as it leaves nothing for Spybot to find.

However, if I run Spybot first Ad-aware still finds something.

So to answer your question, they both do similar things but, IMHO, Ad-aware is better.

I also run Norton System Works and Personal Firewall, but these are protecting against virii and hackers, whereas the other two protect against 'spyware'.

  Wes Tam ;-) 10:09 10 Mar 2003

As a ps to my posting I now run Ad-aware daily and Spybot weekly (just in case!!).

I had many problems when I had Zone Alarm (firewall) installed, but I've had no problems since changing to NSW and PF.

  Andsome 10:42 10 Mar 2003

Many thanks. I have downloaded and installed. The first scan found and deleted seven objects. I find many programs puzzle me not being brought up in the computer age. Do you recommend complete auto setting and allow auto delete of whatever is selected by the program?

  MichelleC 12:22 10 Mar 2003

I use both, but SpyBot gets those deeper cookies. The only thing is when they're 'fixed' by spybot it dumps my password recognition to into some other forum sites - but not this one.

  Wes Tam ;-) 20:51 10 Mar 2003

Andsome 'yes' and 'yes', although in the free version of Ad-aware (which I have) you have to tick the boxes of the items to be deleted.

  Andsome 07:51 11 Mar 2003

Thanks all

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