conrail 15:07 24 Jan 2007

using xp home, recently updated spybot, now when I install and run a program I get a message box from spybot telling me spybot has detected an important registry entry that has been changed, I then get 4 lines with heading:- Category; Change; Entry & New Data; giving me information about the change, under the New Data are two boxes either of which I need to select, unfortunately only the top part of the boxes are visible, the bottom are covered by a tick box with Remember this decision, a box with a ? mark and an info box, the last 2 boxes do not help can anyone tell me which of the two boxes I need to tick, left or right/ thanks

  brundle 15:13 24 Jan 2007

Install the beta updates, fixes the problem so you can see what is in the dialogue box; click here

  rabadubdub 15:22 24 Jan 2007

Left box is Accept change and right box is Deny change. Press A or D to accept or deny.
This was a problem in v1.4 originally which I thought was fixed.

  rabadubdub 15:31 24 Jan 2007

btw - closing the dialogue box denies the change.
If it's too much you can disable the "Teatimer" part of Spybot.

SpywareGuard is another program that watches for Reg changes, without conflicting with main Spybot prog. I think it's from Javacool Software.

  conrail 15:34 24 Jan 2007

thanks guys, you have both been a great help, problem solved

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