Spybot 1.5

  thumbscrew 23:54 11 Nov 2007

Just upgraded from 1.4 to 1.5. Incredibly slow starting up and generally sluggish. I tried to re-install 1.4 but, although it's displayed on a few download sites, it won't start. Anybody experiencing the same?

  Stuartli 23:58 11 Nov 2007

I've been using S and D 1.5 since October 10th - I find it slightly quicker than 1.4 overall.

  sunny staines 05:15 12 Nov 2007

click here Spybot S&D
the first ver of 1.5 was slow check you have the latest version as shown

  kdt 12:45 12 Nov 2007

join the club...got fed up with slow 1.5 tried several places...all slow...back to 1.4 from PCA disc just now.

  tonyx1302 12:56 12 Nov 2007

I agree.I'm fed up with the time it takes to run 1.5v but cannot find the as suggested by sunny staines on his post. If you are reading this s/s could you please help ?

Many thanks


  cocteau48 13:02 12 Nov 2007
  tonyx1302 13:16 12 Nov 2007

Sorry. Senior moment then. Just checked Major Geeks and found it but note it's a beta version to run with TeaTimer(whatever that is) so will leave well alone and will continue with my very slow 1.5 v until it drives up the wall and will then go back to 1.4 as per kdt.


  Sea Urchin 13:33 12 Nov 2007

As you download and install untick the option to include TeaTimer - you will greatly benefit from using the latest beta version which overcomes the speed (or lack of speed) problem.

  cocteau48 13:41 12 Nov 2007

Breitling was a non bets version. is a beta version only because it includes a patch to solve the slow startup issue.
You can download and install the patch yourself - see my previous thread
click here

As for TeaTimer - is is a feature of all versions of Spybot. Look in the help file of your current version for full info. I think you opt to enable/disable on installation - if my memory serves me.

  tonyx1302 13:57 12 Nov 2007

Thank you. I have d/l the beta and everything runs very fast as per the old 1.4v and have looked into TeaTimer but I don't think its needed on my system at present


  Sea Urchin 14:31 12 Nov 2007

Breitling - glad to hear its worked for you. Hopefully the originator of this thread thumbscrew will also benefit from these postings.

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