Spy ware

  Maurellis 12:20 24 Sep 2007

How can I stop pop-ups from taking over my browser and forcing me to shut it down if I don't download their spyware? I am using broadband, with Vista and IE7. I have the popup stopper engaged but it doesnt seem stop them.


  pac73 12:28 24 Sep 2007

Try Google toolbar.
Or even better try Frefox.click here

  EARLR 12:29 24 Sep 2007

I agree get firefox

Good luck

  mfletch 12:34 24 Sep 2007

Hi first have you turned off your messenger service?

Second use SAS Superantispyware FREE this should remove any unwanted nasties,

First Delete All Temp Internet Files and All Cookies,


Download this Free Antispyware {Superantispyware} Before using the Antispyware for the first time check for any updates.

click here

Hope this is helpful,


  [email protected] 12:35 24 Sep 2007

that would suggest you already have something nasty onboard, try a scan with click here

  FreeCell 12:36 24 Sep 2007

Seen similar problems caused by rootkit infection. Download AVG anti-rootkit and check you are clear.

click here

  Maurellis 12:51 24 Sep 2007

I have Google + Firefox + Spyware doctor + System Mechanic + AVG + Adaware.
I still have some sites hijacking my browser forcing me to shut down and restart. I copy their URLs into Explorers 'Ban sites' area but this doesn't seem to stop them
Any other suggestions?

  pac73 16:28 24 Sep 2007

Do as mfletch says,try Superantispyware.Its free,and a well thought of program.
And also try Spybot s&d,which is also free.click here

  Maurellis 16:29 24 Sep 2007

I have tried all the suggestions but still keep getting hijacked. The latest trick they have pulled is to place a message within my site as I work on it, using dreamweaver. Luckily I spotted it in the HTML before uploading. Is there anything else I can do.
By the way, what is, and how do I turn off, my Messenger service?

  pac73 16:34 24 Sep 2007

Ok,have you tried AVG Antispywareclick here

Or A squared there both free.click here

  birdface 16:38 24 Sep 2007

If you have the paid for version of Spyware Doctor.I would have thought that would have fixed it.So we can take it it is something serious.Have you downloaded Messenger Plus lately.Do you have any extra programs in your favorites that you have not put there.It sounds a bit like lop.com or one of the Lop variants.

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