Spy Bot S&D

  NotSureBoutThis 16:29 11 Aug 2007

Has Spy bot S&D been upgraded please?

I've never had this previously, but I keep getting pop ups saying “A programme has changed” it's really confusing me.

I have McAfee security suite, Superantivirus, CCleaner, Ad Aware, and S&D.

I had no problems with it previously, although now I'm thinking of deinstalling S&D, as I cannot get my head round it, do I really require it with what I have above.

Thanks in advance for any advice

  brundle 16:40 11 Aug 2007

You have enough protection there...I hope you mean Superantispyware, two antivirus products at the same time is a bad idea. Spybot is telling you another program on your system has been changed, not Spybot itself. Are you sure it's not Mcafee's firewall telling you a program has changed?

  brundle 16:48 11 Aug 2007

Or it could be a bug :) click here

The latest stable version is 1.4, the beta is at 1.5 but it's up to you if you want to use that instead.
click here

  wee eddie 17:05 11 Aug 2007

What you Pop-up says is

"A Program has changed your Register. Do you wish to allow it." or words to that effect.

When you Click on the box or try to close the Pop-up there is another little box that opens 'bottom right', saying something like "Access denied".

This has been happening to me for years. I still can't work out what it is and there is nothing on the Spybot site, that I can find, to explain it.

So I hope that this thread will open my mind to another of the mysteries of Computing. No doubt we'll actually have 5 different conflicting opinions, one of whom will recommend reinstalling Windows.

  brundle 17:12 11 Aug 2007

I've never bothered with the realtime monitor in Spybot (Teatimer?), though my boss has it enabled on his PC at work. There is a bug in v1.4 which obscures an important part of the notification window, fixed in the 1.5 beta versions.
Does this describe the same thing? click here

  NotSureBoutThis 17:18 11 Aug 2007

OK, cheers


I did mean Superantispyware, no, it's not McAfee, as the pop up has “Spy Bot” on it, and thanks for pointing out the different versions, I've just noticed I'm running 1.5 which as you say is the Beta version, I think I'll uninstall 1.5 and reinstall 1.4, I was happy with that version.

Wee Eddie:

Not being that computer literate, pop ups frighten the life out of me, I never know what to accept, or decline, as you have a problem also, would you like me to leave this thread open for a while, I think Bundle has sorted out my problem,

Thanks to you both, much appreciated.

  NotSureBoutThis 17:24 11 Aug 2007

Hi Brundle

That's what's happening, within the link you provided.

I get the pop up, it says Spybot then the programme, when I click OK, I get another message in the system tray by the clock, about change has been made.

I trust that makes sense.

  wee eddie 17:52 11 Aug 2007

I think that the box at the bottom says something like "Permission denied"

  NotSureBoutThis 18:00 11 Aug 2007

NotSureBoutThis ~ We're in the same boat

I think that the box at the bottom says something like "Permission denied"

Heavens above - what does that mean Eddie? I click on OK on the 1st pop up, then get access denied!!

Dam computers, I thought they were made to do the thinking for us!!!

  NotSureBoutThis 18:01 11 Aug 2007


I'm going to uninstall this version 1.5, and revert back to version 1.4, I'm happier with that version.

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