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  Digit 12:37 24 Jun 2005

When I first log on, Spy Bot S & D blockes the down load of Avenue A inc.

When I go onto eBay Spy Bot kicks in on every new search I do, It reads
S & D blocked Double Click.

I am for ever pressing OK I don’t really know what they stand for.

I have Norton covering me with a firewall and anti virus,

Any suggestions would be appreciated

I am running ME

Thanks in Advance


  gudgulf 12:49 24 Jun 2005

Open Spybot S&D and click on the "Immunize" button.At the bottom of that screen you should see a line of text in a box.It is probably reading "Ask for blocking confirmation" or "Display dialog when blocking".Click on the arrow at the right hand edge of that box and from the drop down box that opens select "Block all bad pages silently".That should stop you from being pestered.

  griffon 56 12:55 24 Jun 2005

Hi Digit,

I think Avenue A and Double Click are both fairly benign items of spyware which Spybot is set to highlight, perhaps somebody else could say what site sponsors them. Perhaps if you are prepared to accept both items on your machine whilst you are on-line connected to Ebay, you could disable Spybot at start up and only run it occasionally after an internet session, or let Spybot detect them each time and then delete them from within Spybot before you carry on with your Ebay or other connection.

If they are sponsored by Ebay you'll get them every time you log on and, as Spybot says, some sites won't work if their benign spyware is disabled.

  Digit 12:56 24 Jun 2005

Thanks GudGulf Just been on eBay and after a few minuets I got the message Double click Resident.

  Digit 13:01 24 Jun 2005

Ok I have disabled it, thanks for your input.


  griffon 56 13:12 24 Jun 2005

Forget what I said about those items being benign. I knew I'd seen them listed somewhere and they are in Spyware Blaster's block list. Blaster is available free from click here and works with IE and Firefox. Recommend you also try Ad-Aware from click here and A Squared from click here. Nothing like belt and braces.

  gudgulf 13:28 24 Jun 2005

Avenue-A and doubleclick are tracking cookies....they are not really anything to worry about unduly(this forum uses doubleclick as an adserver!).

But do use SpywareBlaster as suggested by griffon 56 and also use the "Immunuze" function of Spybot S&D.Both of these add entries to the registry which block many undesirables from getting on the system in the first place.E-Bay works just fine with them too.

A periodic clear out of all temporary internet junk with ccleaner click here is also well worth doing.

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