Spurious drop out on LAN

  jimlad2407 14:43 26 Dec 2008

Running XP3 SP3, Yukon Gigabit ethernet controllers (2 - one connected to DLink DSL 300g for Broadband access via BT Broadband, other connected to Netgear 8 port 10/100T hub FS108 to link to 2 other pc's and a printer via hardwired 4 twisted paired (8 cables)).
Other pcs have Intel Pro100E ethernet adaptors.
Have run diagnostics on all three pc to ensure adaptors working correctly. Have tested all cables for correct connectivity - all ok.
Network wizard run on all computers sucessfully.

Problem is that from the other pcs a download can be started - and it starts at around 400kb/s and then it drop to nothing after about 30 seconds and the download crashes with an "unable to connect" or "server timeout" after about a minute.
A download can be restarted, and it kicks off again at about 400kb/s then drops out after 30 seconds to nil, and activity stops.

Zonealarm Pro 8, Sophos AVG, DHCP enabled apart from 2nd controller which is set at
I have been tearing my hair out to try to establish why the downloads drop out, and can find no hardware problems, and cannot think of a software issue.

Can anybody help me??
Much appreciated

  ambra4 20:56 26 Dec 2008

Is this what you have connected to the BT broadband service D-Link DSL 300G+ DSL modem

External - 8 Mbps - Ethernet - Wired

Dlink DSL 300g, is the wrong type of modem, as it do not support PPPoA take a read on this site

click here

What you need is a D-Link Wireless G ADSL2+ Modem Router, which will connect to BT

broadband service via the phone line

You than connect the 2 Yukon Gigabit Ethernet controllers to port 1 & 2 on the router

And Connect the Netgear 8 port 10/100T hub to port 3 on the router

click here

  jimlad2407 11:28 27 Dec 2008

HI Ambra
My dsl 300g+ is running PPPOA in llc mode with no problems. I can download directly to the main computer, wih 450-500 kbps. The problem is the internal lan connection to the internet, which will start up at 450/500 kbps then drop out after about 30 seconds.


  ambra4 11:46 27 Dec 2008

ok it a 300g+

If you remove the hub and connect a pc to the cable from the router is the same thing happening

  jimlad2407 16:14 27 Dec 2008

Hi Ambra,
When I connect the DSL 300g directly to another pc, (after major reconfiguring due to MAC addresses!) the other PC downloads at 400kbps no problem.
However, when I reconnect the lan back up as it was, downloading disappears after 30 seconds.
I am wondering if it a "fault" in ZoneAlarm Pro with Windows XP SP3 as this only started recently. The lan was fine until loading the latest ZoneAlarm (

  ambra4 16:40 27 Dec 2008

“(After major reconfiguring due to MAC addresses!)”

Can you not use DHCP and “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address


  jimlad2407 16:50 27 Dec 2008

The DSL 300g+ log in uses the mac address of the computer and logs it to the username at BT Broadband.
DHCP no problem and DNS no problem (but BT use a dynamic DNS address)
Have sent query off to Zonealarm to see if they have a possible solution.
Many thanks fo ryour help so far

  ambra4 18:07 27 Dec 2008

Uninstall zone alarm and see if it would work

I don't use any third party firewall as I find it not needed most ISP, windows, routers, all have

Firewall so why install a third party firewall that might cause problems

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