spring noise

  chippy+ 11:49 21 May 2007

hi i am getting a noise which sounds like a spring coming from my pc i thought it was the monitor degauzing so i tried an other monitor but the noise is still there it just pings or t*!@:s for a second ? i have looked inside and there is nothing catching the fans and also cleaned inside the case thanks Chippy

  keef66 11:53 21 May 2007

when does this happen? At startup or when you're using it? Do you have Skype installed?

  hiwatt 12:27 21 May 2007

I get this too.It happens at startup on my computer and occasionally when opening firefox etc.It's been happening for a good while now with no problems occuring.

  chippy+ 13:48 21 May 2007

Hi keef66, hiwatt no i dont have Skype i don't have any problems with the noise the pc is working fine it is a new motherboard and this is why i am quetioning it, the motherboard is a foxcon with amd 3700 and 2gig memory it seems to come when it is checking optical drives i am going to disconnect my dvd writer to see if i can eliminate it thanks Chippy

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