Spring Cleaning PC

  Noelg23 18:29 04 Nov 2004

right I am hoping to spring clean my entire PC case this weekend and I was wondering, apart from the usual Air Compressor cans, what else can be used to clean out all the excess dust in the fans and on the expansion cards and the mouse and keyboard? last time I cleaned it was 6months ago but that was just using the Air Comp...so any suggestions would be great and I would also like to know where you bought the products and for how much and what you thought was the best cleaning product and before you jump to it...no use of pets especially the Chinchillas! poor things...

  Smegs 18:34 04 Nov 2004

All I use, is a hoover.

Dyson DC04 about £280 5 years ago.

Hope that helps.

  Noelg23 18:38 04 Nov 2004

as long as it has a small snout to get into those hard to reach areas then I am staying well clear of a traditional hoover...thanks tho...anyone else?

  polish 20:28 04 Nov 2004

i found the best way to clean onside the case is a new paintbrush "decent quality" no stray bristles and a vacuum cleaner to collect the dust

  Mango Grummit 20:31 04 Nov 2004

B4 using the Dyson ie, Smegs above (At A Distance, blimey -- feel a song coming on) use a paint brush -- soft bristles -- been doing it for years, well B4 Dyson was heard of, at least sucking/cleaning/device will do but you do have to use your loaf.

  sean-278262 22:48 04 Nov 2004

i take the fans out and disect them giving a good all round clean all over being very careful. Also using your fingers to dislodge that well stuck gunk on the fans is a must. I have heard of people taking the whole system to pieces and cleaning with antistatic wipes and hovering the whole case but this is probably a bit to extreem for most and I myself wouldnt feel happy using any cloth on my cards.

  Noelg23 23:34 04 Nov 2004

thanks again guys..I think I may have some paint brushes that have not been used... so will get those out this weekend...thanks again...

  josie mayhem 23:42 04 Nov 2004

I also use a paint brush, and don't forget the cooling fins on the cooling block as well.

I did my this week, and I was quite shocked how much grud came out. And it dropped my cpu temperture by at least 3 degrees.

  hugh-265156 00:09 05 Nov 2004

i too also use a small paint brush to loosen the crud inside the case and from the fins of cpu heatsink and close to the rear exhaust fans, voltage regulators and i/o shield is where it builds up on mine, then i blast it away with a can of compressed air and hoover it up.

i do this once a month because i am a smoker with a cat as a pet :-) and i am sure you can imagine it can get quite sticky with nicotine and pet hair so what i find helps is to cut up a pair or tights or stockings and fit the materail over any intake fans with an elastic band. this stops most dust,pet hairs etc from getting into the case and makes the job a lot easier. clean the fans and wash the tights and replace is normally all i have to do.

  Bugzee 00:46 05 Nov 2004

make sure the missus isnt wearing the tights at the time as it could cause a bit of a problem with the wahing machine

  SANTOS7 00:50 05 Nov 2004

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