SPRING CLEAN: delete duplicate/zero length files?

  rotormota 06:19 28 Apr 2003

I have a programme called Clonemaster which scans for duplicate & zero length files. Anyone had experience of this software? It has found a lot of files but I wonder if they are actually safe to delete??


  Offline 10:01 28 Apr 2003

I would leave zero length files well alone alone, some are intended to be that length and although if you remove them they may be re-created you are tempting fate. As regards duplicates it does depend on what your removing, removing duplicate 'Dll' files can cause programs not to function, speaking from experience some while ago while I decided to have a clean up I would leave those well alone. Other duplicate files such as ones you have created, picture, text files, etc you should be ok with.

  Mango Grummit 12:45 28 Apr 2003

I agree with Offline. Can't remember now which prog I used, whuch was supposed to be safe, to remove duplicated DLLs but it wasn't safe I found to my cost. They take up such little space that it is really not worth the risk in messing about with them IMO.

  rotormota 20:47 28 Apr 2003

So Clonemaster is no good really? When it scanned, many mbs of files were found. Are there any types of files which can be cleared out?

  fly2hi 22:25 28 Apr 2003

I would definitely not delete files unless I knew for certain what they are supposed to do, or not.
e.g. a zero length file could be used by an application to test a logical state. i.e. if file exists, do something, if not, don't. Much like testing the state of a logical field in a database. The file doesn't need to contain anything, it just has to be there. Not that it's the best way of going about things, but you never know.

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