Lemur 13:04 30 Jan 2003

I have a spreadsheet which I think would be readable if printed onto one side of A4 but cannot work out how to stop it printing (in landscape format OK) onto 4 separate sheets as 4 different parts. I have tried the File/print area option, but to no avail.

Pretty basic stuff I am sure but, any ideas please?

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:08 30 Jan 2003

Select the area you want to print

Do File and then print

Then preview

Then setup and you can change the scalling to fit to 1 page as you wish.

  VoG™ 13:08 30 Jan 2003

File/Page setup, Page tab. Tick Landscape and Fit to 1 page(s)wide by 1 page(s) tall.

  Lemur 17:15 30 Jan 2003

Thank you both for your kind immediate responses. I have tried both of your suggested routes, but without success.

I have XP and got the following results:

I highlighted entire contents of the spreadsheet.
Selected File/Print/Preview.
Then up came the first of the four parts of the contents, with only basically, options to Print or Close, but no sign of Set-up!

I selected File/Page set-up.
No sign of Page tab, but clicked Landscape under Source, size & orientation/OK.
I was then taken back to my spreadsheet!

Any more ideas please?

  jazzypop 17:24 30 Jan 2003

There are several ways to get to the same place. I am using Excel 2002 (also known as Excel XP), and I have just tried it this way....

Go to File > Print Preview. There is a small button at the top of the screen marked Setup - click this.

You will then see the Page Setup dialog box, the first tab is Page.

Halfway down is the Scaling section, which lets you adjust to x pages tall by y pages wide.

Try it that way.

  spikeychris 17:26 30 Jan 2003
  Sir Radfordin™ 17:56 30 Jan 2003

I've just done what I said in XP and it worked so a littel confused :-/

  VoG™ 19:45 30 Jan 2003

"VoG- I selected File/Page set-up. No sign of Page tab, but clicked Landscape under Source, size & orientation/OK. I was then taken back to my spreadsheet!"

Yes, you then have to click on the Print button.

This works on all versions of Excel from XP back to Excel 5, at least.

I don't understand when you say Page tab is not there. You should have, from left to right, Page, Margins, Header/Footer and Sheet.

We are talking about Excel are we?

  Lemur 19:52 30 Jan 2003

Apologies VoG - and everyone else! I should have made myself clearer from the outset. My operating system is XP and my spreadsheet is Microsoft Works.

  VoG™ 19:55 30 Jan 2003

Sorry, my fault as well, I just assumed.

And sorry I am not familiar with the Works spreadsheet.

  Lemur 20:05 30 Jan 2003

Thanks anyway VoG.

Anyone else like to have another go please?


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