Spreadsheet in open office

  Daiol 20:41 28 Aug 2011

Hi,Not long installed open office,And went to some some of my weekly accounts which I did with excell.Done all the info but when it came to adding up the weekly spending I could not find a way to add up the 4 cells IE I wanted to add cell 1 column c =£16.58p.Cell 2 column C = £ 23.55p.How do I add those up,With microsoft spreadsheet I could lighlight the req cells and click on a symbol in the top tool bar.Any help please. daiol.

  Belatucadrus 21:04 28 Aug 2011

The Sum button is on the Formula bar which I thought was part of the default setting, if not try View then tick Formula bar which should reveal it.

  Daiol 21:07 28 Aug 2011

Yea Thanks found the sum button thats the sideways 'M'.That does additions,Now how about subtractions is there another tab for that Thanks.d.

  AroundAgain 21:20 28 Aug 2011

"Now how about subtractions is there another tab for that"

Is there one in Excel? If so, what does it look like?

Or, are you just hopeful??? ;)

  Daiol 21:33 28 Aug 2011

didn't use excell sorry it was spread sheet in microsoft works it had an calculator type icon on tool bar you had an option to add subtract multiply etc.Thanks.

  octal 22:13 28 Aug 2011

It should look like this on the top tool bar ? it's called a summation sign or Sigma sign.

  octal 22:17 28 Aug 2011

Sorry, it won't take the coding on this site for it, like this though.

  Daiol 05:42 29 Aug 2011

thanks all Sorted.

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