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  westdudes 15:10 04 Mar 2004

hi, im using ms works 7.0 and when i want to print out my spreadsheet some of the work is cut off on print preview when looking at it left to right.the printer is set too print landscape and it still cuts the two rows i need off on the right hand side of the page and puts the on a separte page on their own.is there a way around this? i know i could change the size of the grids but i need to show on my paper the formulas ive used as it is homework.
please excuse my lack of knowledge with spreadsheets.


  Young Ranger 15:30 04 Mar 2004

Try clicking on File/Page Setup and then make the margins smaller. I thnk you should also see an option "Fit to one page". Use this but if it is a big spread sheet it may make the print size too small to read.

I'm not 100% on Works as I use Office but if the above dosn't work let me know. I will have a look at the copy of works that came with this PC. (Anyone want to buy it ?)

  Les 15:40 04 Mar 2004

In Excel97 you can click on File/Page Setuo - tick the Adjust To box and then lower the % covered from 100% to whatever. It's probably the same in Works - but, I haven't a copy of this so I'm just guessing - and No Young Ranger I don't want one! :-))


  westdudes 15:55 04 Mar 2004

im not impressed with works either les, but it came free with the pc i have so i just use it too save how ever much money it would cost me for office etc.it dosent have the option of fit too one page. btw...anyother suggestions?

  skeletal 16:00 04 Mar 2004

I'm not familiar with Works, but can you change the font size of everything in the cells? By reducing from, say 10pt to 8 or 9, may make everything smaller and thus able to fit on one page.


  TBH1 16:23 04 Mar 2004

I think you need to redefine the print area - -obviously if there are too many columns there ain't much you can do about it - - but if it looks as though it will fit on a page, maybe you have the print area incorrectly set. Talking excel here but must be similar to WORKS - -

  Young Ranger 17:12 04 Mar 2004

I had a look at my version of works which is an old one and I can't find a way round this. I believe that later versions of works can be opened by Excel. (Mine won't).

If you have a recent version and school has Excel then you could transfer the file to a floppy, take it to school and use their paper and ink.

Second alternative: print it at home and stick the sheets together with celotape.

Third alternative: talk nicely to Mum and Dad about the Student Edition of Excel/Office which can be obtained at a very reasonable price. A bit of washing up etc might help you to succeed with this option.

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