Spotify playing one track at a time

  VNAM75 14:40 10 Sep 2010

Does anyone know how to get it to play continously? This problem has only arisen recently.

  Jameslayer 15:31 10 Sep 2010

On the bottom right of the screen of the spotify task bar their is a circle with a arrow on it click on that.

  Tompa 17:02 10 Sep 2010

I appear to have the same problem as VNAM75 and the proposed solution doesn't work, I'm afraid. The circle with an arrow is only for repeat of the same track (and doesn't work anyway at this point). My problem, and that of VNAM75 I think, is that Spotify doesn't play the next track in the play list or in the album selected. How do you solve that?

  eedcam 18:42 10 Sep 2010

Mines plays ok was on about 30 mins last nigh and its playing through ok now

  eedcam 18:44 10 Sep 2010

forgot and I dont touch anything just click on the first track

  VNAM75 00:31 11 Sep 2010

I've had that problem ever since I used up my 20 hour allowance and it notified me that I have 5 hours per week quota from now on. Odd thing is I don't have that problem on my other computer which is logged in under the same spotify account.

  mole44 05:44 11 Sep 2010

go to the playback tab at the top make sure the repeat word is unclicked with the left mouse click.

  eedcam 09:25 11 Sep 2010

methinks it is because you have the same account on both PC's are you logged in on both as one will be considered the Prime pehaps loging of one might help

  Tompa 10:05 11 Sep 2010

I now realise that I only have the one-track problem trying to play the track lists found in the search mode. I used to be able to play such lists until a couple of weeks ago. (I have Premium so I wouldn't expect such limitations.) My own play lists and artist albums play fine.

  VNAM75 13:25 11 Sep 2010

I only log in one at a time, either my pc or laptop. Something has just come to my mind though. The spotify software on my pc was installed about a year ago and the version on my laptop only a few weeks ago. But I use the same account for both machines. I've ntoiced on the laptop there is a countdown to show how much of the remaining 5 hours of my quota I have left for the week, but not on my pc. I recall vaguely reading somewhere something about only the newer spotify users (software, not account?)are restricted to 5 hours per week?

But that still doesn't expalain why the tracks only play one at a time on my laptop. Is there a trend of some software becoming increasingly less free? I know revo unintaller is not free anymore - luckily I have an older version which is that I have backed up and use on my new laptop.

  eedcam 18:31 11 Sep 2010

There was a change to spotify a few month back that could be the reason as well. I use the full free version amd have done so since it was first available UK.You dont have any of the communications blocked by your firewall ie spotify wants to accept comunications etc., the only one I block is to be a server and have no problems whatsoever

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