Spoofed e-mail?

  Gaz 25 09:09 02 Mar 2004

From: InterScan Notification

[email protected]>


Subject: Executable Attachment Has Been Blocked

Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 23:10:12 -0000

The BDS Viruswall (Victoria) has stopped a message to [email protected] from your mail account because the attachment is an executable program and could potentially be a virus.

I have NEVER sent an e-mail to that address, I presume a virus is spoofing my e-mail address, therefore I will take the nessesery action.

  Jester2K 09:25 02 Mar 2004

Thats great...

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 09:58 02 Mar 2004

I do get a lot of Mac spoofing, but it is from the regulatory bodies who are checking down the line of NTL and I run Sygate personal firewall pro. I can backtrack and ensure that it has come from the proper people, so this is no problem.

This sort of thing is becoming more and more prevalent, I can only offer broad advice which is, if you do recognise the sender, if you have checked on the properties without opening the e-mail, and it looks wrong -- -- -- just delete it is never worth the hassle.


  golfpro 10:43 02 Mar 2004

Opening Emails were you do not recognize the sender or containing a suspect message in this day and age, is asking for trouble just delete them.

  Gaz 25 10:55 02 Mar 2004

The e-mail contains NO virus. What I am saying is that I received an e-mail from the above persons gateway virus protection that I sent an e-mail with an attachment to that address, however my server blocks all attachments anyway before they are even sent, therefore no virus or SMTP program would be able to send mail, and it is protected via antivirus software.

This indicates that someone who has my e-mail address stored on their HDD has been infected and it has spoofed my e-mail address.

I will be tracking it back and rerouting DNS servers to a different IP address for that mail and take other action to ensure that my e-mail is not spoofed.


  Gaz 25 12:26 02 Mar 2004

Any ideas?

  Jester2K 12:45 02 Mar 2004

Yes you've been spoofed......

  Jester2K 12:56 02 Mar 2004

"take other action to ensure that my e-mail is not spoofed" How can you do that? You can't stop everyones PC from sending out mail in your name! Or can you??

  Sir Radfordin 13:09 02 Mar 2004

Gaz 25 if I knew your email address I'd have an email sat waiting for you to read that would look as if it had come from your account within 30 seconds. The only way you would be able to track it would be to look at the IP address and I could just pop over the road to use another users service to resolve that small problem.

As Jester2k says your address has been spooffed and until you work out who has done it there is very little you can do.

  Gaz 25 16:22 02 Mar 2004

Fraid, I dont have the sent mail.

I old have the reply, therefore there is no way to track it back, the server could have been better and said the attachment and message to help me identify the virus sending the attachment.

You can stop it to a degree, not fully though. The only few ways I can think of is to change the IP address of the mail server, and maybe the e-mail address, so I dont have a valid e-mail address then.


  Jester2K 20:16 02 Mar 2004

"The only few ways I can think of is to change the IP address of the mail server, and maybe the e-mail address, so I don't have a valid e-mail address then. "

Sorry but I've got to ask "What ARE you talking about?"

The mail is being sent from someone else's PC - you are just getting the real messages. How can ANYTHING you do to "IP Addresses" etc etc affect the virus and its activities on someone else's PC?

If i knew you e-mail address i could spam millions of people today, right now, using your e-mail address as the senders address and there's NOTHING you can do to stop me. They would ALL think it can from you. You would get any bounced or returned messages.

Changing your e-mail address seems a bit drastic for a few e-mails. Assuming you then tell all your friends and contacts the new address the one with the virus might then start sending out messages in your new e-mail address anyway!!

Just delete it and get on!

Incidently the server could have been better and not sent the notification at all. In this day of mass mailed spoofed viruses what's the point in sending a "you've got a virus" e-mail when the person with it isn't going to get the message? Better if the server just deleted it.

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