Spontaneous Windows updates

  Pineman100 12:04 05 Nov 2009

My wife's laptop runs Vista Home Premium SP2.

On a number of occasions, in the middle of doing general stuff on the computer (usually emailing with Windows Live Mail) she has experienced a sudden intrusion of a Windows update.

She is working away normally and suddenly she gets the update screen, which says (if I remember correctly) "Configuring updates - stage 2 of 3". She then has to wait while this process completes and the computer restarts. Sometimes she then finds that the file she was previously working on is corrupted.

I'm familiar with this event on shutdown and/or startup, but why would it suddenly appear in the middle of her doing other tasks?

I've looked for a setting that says "Allow updates immediately upon receipt" (or similar), in order to disable it, but I can't find any such switch.

I'd be grateful for any help, please.

  mooly 12:06 05 Nov 2009

Goto control panel and Windows Update.
Left column... change settings :)

I have mine to inform only that updates are available.

  Pineman100 12:18 05 Nov 2009

Thanks for responding, mooly.

I have checked the Windows Update settings, and she did have it set to "Install automatically". But I have the same setting on my (Vista) computer, and updates never appear in the middle of my working. So I don't understand what's going on.

Anyway, I've now set my wife's computer to download updates automatically, but ask before installing them. Maybe that will sort its nonsense.

But if anyone can explain why this problem has been happening, I'd still be grateful to know.

  mooly 12:48 05 Nov 2009

Hi, there was an IE8 update the other day that did launch into the configuring updates routine (it asked for a restart).

Am sure it will be fine now.

  Pineman100 17:25 05 Nov 2009

Do you mean that it started configuring while you were in the middle of doing something?

If so, that's what's happened to my wife a number of times.

  mooly 17:55 05 Nov 2009

Mine just notifies in the system tray that updates are available with it set as I mentioned.

I then think :) Is Acronis up to date lol

Only joking... I can then look and see what they are, select the ones I want and then it will download and install.
An update like the last one does interupt you to say a restart is required, which you can postpone if you are doing something vital, theres an option restart later or remind me later or something and it keeps nagging every few minutes untill you do.
So yes it will still interupt you if the update demands a restart. If not a balloon message appears telling you "windows successfully installed updates/click to see what was installed"

Being notified only as I do gives you total control, you can ignore the message until the next boot up if you wish, perhaps just browsing the update page to see whats on offer.

  Pineman100 12:22 07 Nov 2009

Well, thanks for your responses, mooly. I confess that I'm not 100% confident that the problem will have gone away, but it may take a while to find out. So I'll close the thread, but report back in a while.

Many thanks again.

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