Spontaneous Restarts

  niblow 17:38 16 Mar 2005

My computer(AMD Athlon(tm) XP, 1732MHz, running Windows 2000 Professional) has developed a fault. Without warning the screen goes black and the systems reboots. It will do this most often when playing a game, it also does it when doing a virus scan, updating drivers, ripping music from cd's. At one time it went through the process of dumping to physical memory with messages such as Page fault in non paged area; unexpected kernal mode trap, driver irlq not less or equal.

What is causing this - corrupt os? or is it a hardware problem? What can I do short of a re-install?

  Jak_1 17:50 16 Mar 2005

Sounds like you have a virus, something like the Blaster worm, that one disables av proggies and will re-boot the system.

Try doing a scan in safe mode also check the virus encyclopaedia at click here

  The BB 17:51 16 Mar 2005

Sounds very much like overheating

Usual symtom is when you are doing intensive CPU/disk activity it gets too hot. Check your PC is not on the carpet (so it can 'breathe' and that the fans are working and clear of dust.

  The BB 17:56 16 Mar 2005

Reading hte rest of it, about page faulting etc. suggest you also try reseating your memory chips (and might aswell do the other cards in the machine too) with the machine switched off and yourself earthed

  citadel 18:38 16 Mar 2005

I had a similar problem, it turned out to be a dodgy power supply unit.

  niblow 10:47 21 Mar 2005

Cheers BB - clogged up CPU cooling. Cleaned it out and no problem since

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