Splitting a network in 3

  BigBazza66 19:53 12 Jul 2008

I've got a small LAN of 8 machines all wireless that I want to split into 3 seperate groups for security reasons.

Is this possible using 1 router (NETGEAR DG834N).

At the moment the router is and is set to DHCP. Am I right in thinking I will have to create a new subnet so that I can have 3 seperate ranges and set all machines to use static ip's ?

Any advice appreciated.

  brundle 21:39 12 Jul 2008 for 4 ranges with 62 addresses each. I doubt the Netgear will allow or see anything but the first range though, the static addresses you set up in the other subnets will probably be ignored too. You need more routers or a managed switch that supports VLANs.

  brundle 22:00 12 Jul 2008

Sorry, make that, 6 ranges, 30 addresses each. 192 only leaves 2 ranges.

  irishrapter 16:15 13 Jul 2008

As far as I know with this set-up you will have a problem with any of the subnets that are no long on the default gateway address of
They will no longer see the router and therefore can not get internet access.

  Jim_F 12:24 14 Jul 2008

You could use the DHCP facility to reserve IP addresses or create static routes for each machine but I don't see that either option would ensure security - the router is there to hide your machines from the internet - not from each other and its very easy to change an IP address if thats the only protection.

For this situation I'd apply security policies to each macine to restrict access to specific users or users on specific machines so that you share resources by password and then only to specific users.

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