splitting music tracks and iso

  picklsey 18:26 12 Jul 2006

what i have is a music dvd in iso,i have managed to put the musc onto the computer.there are about 20 different music files each have aprox. 10 songs on each.when i double click to see what is on a file it just starts playing the whole file.

(1) so i was looking for a programe (free) that would let me split the files

(2)how do i convert the iso dvd so as i can play it through a home dvd player.thanks

  SG Atlantis® 19:05 12 Jul 2006

so you have ten songs concatenated together as one track?

something like Nero Wave editor will let you split them up again.

you'd have to take the music and make into audio cds or an mp3 cd if your dvd player will play them. No such thing as an audio DVD.

  picklsey 19:19 12 Jul 2006

thanks for your responce will have a look in the morning.never tried anything like this.thanks again.

  picklsey 05:11 13 Jul 2006

anyone know of a program that will do it automaticly.thanks.

  picklsey 14:23 13 Jul 2006


  Joe R 14:29 13 Jul 2006


Nero will burn your iso image to dvd, and allow you to play it on a dvd player. Just select burn image to disc, and show it to the ISO.

  picklsey 14:38 13 Jul 2006

thanks for that it,s more the splitting of tracks i,m trying to do now.this is a favour for brother inlaw.it,s his music cd.i can get them burnt to disc so as he can listen to them but i don,t want to spend hours splitting them.so a little freaby that does the job in auto would be nice.thanks again.

  Joe R 14:41 13 Jul 2006

have a look here. click here

  picklsey 15:08 13 Jul 2006

thanks again downloaded a couple of them but no luck so far.

  Joe R 15:14 13 Jul 2006


this may be a better bet for you. click here

  picklsey 15:39 13 Jul 2006

thanks yet again that looks as if it will do the trick cheers.

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