Splitting large email attachments in OE

  Number six 22:59 05 Nov 2005

I have just sent a music file (as a .wma file) to a friend as an email attachment using outlook express. As this file was fairly large (2.6MB), I configured OE to split it into 1MB chunks. I had assumed OE would automatically re-assemble them at the other end, but it hasn't. Anyone know why?

  DieSse 23:06 05 Nov 2005

Anyone know why?

The only answer is - it wasn't designed to do so.

Since it's not outrageously large, the solution is not to split it.

  Number six 23:09 05 Nov 2005

Tried that, Diesse. It would appear my email server will not accept messages bigger than 1MB, they just bounce back.

  Splork 23:20 05 Nov 2005

Register with dropload or a similar service - transfer files up to 100mb, stored for 7 days. click here

  Simsy 00:50 06 Nov 2005

that what has to be done by the recipient is:

select, (not open), all the emails that are to be reassembled, then on the message menu choose "combine and decode"

Apologies if that's not right.

I know it can be done in Outlook Express... what's really frustrating is that if the recipient had "Outlook" it can't be done.

Good luck,



  Number six 21:25 06 Nov 2005

That looks right. Thanks, Simsy. I was sure it could be done!

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