splitting broadband signal

  winkerwatson 21:51 03 Jun 2007

Hi everyone...I have two desktop PCs in my house, one upstairs and one downstairs, the NTL Broadband comes through the wall downstairs, and the cable runs up through the floor to the upstairs PC. Is it possible to fit a 'T' piece to the broadband point at the wall and connect the two PCs to the broadband?

  Strawballs 23:02 03 Jun 2007

No that will not work, your best bet wil be to get a router click here any one of these will do if you do not wish to use the wireless facility you can turn it off and connect them by wire to the router.

  winkerwatson 09:02 04 Jun 2007

thanks, already have a wireless router (linksys)and it's absolutley pants,i can't connect via ethernet as pc's dont have ports for it, so have to run 2 wireless connecters via usb to the router, and this wont connect half the time and have to unplug & re-plug in to get connection upstairs only. can't get bu*!*r all down stairs,have two sets of mini monitors,one says connected good signal but thw linksys conecter says can't find adapter any other ideas as to how i can sort this out as it's doing my head in

  Strawballs 22:29 04 Jun 2007

I have a Linksys wrt54g on an NTL (Virgin Media)connection, I have 1 PC connected by wire, 1 PC connected wirelessly with Novatech own brand PCI card and a laptop wireless via onboard broadcom adapter all working fine for about 2 yrs now (touch wood) and the router is in the downstairs backroom and my laptop can connect to it over the road in an upstairs backroom..

If niether of your PC's can connect via wire then they must be quite old and you will need to get a PCI network card for them click here if you wish to go down this road.

  winkerwatson 08:50 05 Jun 2007

Thanks, the one pc is quite new, but was a custom build and at the time didn't see the need for wire connection ( more fool me) the other is a rebiuld which i think maybe has a wire connection but unless they do a 10 metre approx ethernet lead i won't be able to connect this way either. quick thought if i can connect to router via wire will this cause a problem with other pc as it is wirelessly? connected, sorry for being a total numpty. thanks again

  Strawballs 09:41 05 Jun 2007

You can get ethernet leads of 30m and over click here and as I said in my last post I have 1 buy wire and 2 wireless all working fine.

  winkerwatson 15:17 05 Jun 2007

thanks agian i'll be ordering one of those asap.
here's to (hopefully) a good connection. cheers

  Strawballs 22:16 05 Jun 2007

Let us know how you get on.

  winkerwatson 09:34 18 Jun 2007

Problem sorted many thanks strawballs,got my network cable,and plugeed it in started straight away. wife not to impressed with cable running along the floor at moment but that's a minor problem Ha Ha again many thanks

  Strawballs 22:26 19 Jun 2007

Only to glad to have helped, there is another method that I don't know to much about but you can network via your home electrical wireing!

  ambra4 04:11 28 Jun 2007

you can network via your home electrical wiring

click here

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