Split Helproom up?

  ChrisP 18:17 29 Jan 2003

Any chance of splitting this section up into, for example, real 'helps', software issues, hardware issues, video and photo issues, broadband, internet, etc?

The rate of posting is so high that the top page only seems to last a few hours if that. This means that many posts must go essentially unread, and for those with 'real' problems, that's a bit of a liability!

  Djohn 18:23 29 Jan 2003

Must admit ChrisP, I like it the way it is. In other forums where they do as you suggest, I always get lost looking for threads.

Also problems are very often of a dual nature, and the new users of PC's don't always know what the problem is, and therefore wouldn't know where to post their question.

  « Ravin » 18:28 29 Jan 2003

some times it can get a bit confusing that way..recently i upgraded my bios on my dell pc and accidently deleted a hidden partition with some diagnostic software which can be accessed before windows loads. i went to the dell forum to make a post and didn't know where to put it under bios, hard disk or general hard ware!

and also some members would start hanging out in one particular room when they could be helping elsewhere...

  watchful 18:33 29 Jan 2003

All problems are 'real' to the one with the problem especially to complete beginners.

I've never been to any other forum so can't comment on their layouts.

The search facility here could be improved but that has been mentioned several times already.

  €dstow 18:33 29 Jan 2003

Another problem is that across the board issues (general update reminders, me moaning on about backups etc.) would need multiple postings so that everyone could see them.

As it is now, there are members who never visit ConsumerWatch and, I would suspect that applies the other way as well. This would become more so.


  deepblueuk 18:39 29 Jan 2003

This is the best place to come for any kind of advise PLEASE don't change something that work's so well, it's like all the experts keep telling me ( if it aint broke why fix it )

my vote is stay the way it is Deep

  « Ravin » 18:43 29 Jan 2003

but how about a link to the previous and next thread? might be usefull..

  flecc 20:34 29 Jan 2003

Although I don't generally favour a change to multiple thread pages, a separation of perhaps one easily identifiable element, applications maybe, might well help. I do agree with you about the rate of throughput, it's a very big problem resulting from the success of the site.

I don't have an answer but it's good to some original thought given to this from a member.

  flecc 20:35 29 Jan 2003

That should be "HAVE some" in the last sentence!

  Patr100 20:49 29 Jan 2003

As I have said when it has come up before it's often difficult enough to get accurate thread titles from posters let alone sub-categorising as well!

  Wak 21:00 29 Jan 2003

I prefer it the way it is but I wouldn't mind a separate section dealing with "Popular Problems" like:-
1. Scandisc keeps stopping,
2. Can't defrag properly, and
3. Cd Rom won't auto-run.

These seem to crop up every other day.
May I should have said "Regular" as no problem can ever be popular, or can it??

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