Split Burning DVD over 2 disks

  TN 17:05 07 Feb 2009

I am trying to burn a Film onto DVD and it will require 2 DVD's to accomodate it. I have Nero and Ashampoo Burning Studio 2008 but cannot find anywhere in either to select Splitting the programme over 2 disks. When I try to burn it I get the message that the subject is too big for one disk but no option to split it up. Has anyone any answer to this or is there something very simple that I am missing? Many thnaks in advance.

  Sea Urchin 17:16 07 Feb 2009

This might give you some clues

click here

  eedcam 22:18 07 Feb 2009

Why not use dvd shrink that will fit it on one dvd click here
Just click open disc and it will do the rest
Assuming this is a dvd -video

  AL47 22:28 07 Feb 2009

its not good to shrink a dvd by 50% too much compression

  AL47 22:28 07 Feb 2009

i use fab, it has a split option

  AL47 22:29 07 Feb 2009

i give u a screen shot i8f you want

  MAJ 23:39 07 Feb 2009

If the file is in AVI format, you could use Virtualdub, which is free click here to split it and then Nero to encode and burn it.

  MAJ 23:41 07 Feb 2009

Sorry, incorrect link, here's the correct link for VirtualDub. click here

  TN 09:34 08 Feb 2009

Sincere thanks to you all - I have got DVD Shrink and that has done the job with not too much loss of detail. Also I am going to Order DVD Fab as it seems like a very good programme.

  eedcam 09:42 08 Feb 2009

Al how do you know how much it needs shrinking and never had to compress as much as 50% yet also You can reauthor to titles only TN why buy fab shrink is more powerful than you think

  AL47 09:47 08 Feb 2009

if you need to split it over 2 discs i assumed its too much just to compress it

i will go down too about 80% compression

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